Siris Island

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Siris Island
Nation: Ayrwll
Capital: Siris Port
Leader: Governor Nathaniel Draire

The smallest of the five provinces of Ayrwll, Siris Island lies only a short distance off the south coast, barely outside the maritime claims of the mainland. Though its population, with only around 20 Million, is quite small, the island is notable for its pristine beaches, its stunning set of ancient ruins as well as the extensive caves that run almost all the way beneath it. It is also the home of Ayrwll's only Magical School, far-famed Suciar Academy.

Siris Island has had an intriguing history. According to records, the island has on several occasion, prior to Atharellian colonization, been ruled over by tyrant regimes, often headed by more or less insane mages and/or pirates. Most famous of these is the reign of Baltazar the Mad, a mage-king who was finally toppled by a rebellion, marking the end of the tyrannical reigns.

The capital of the island is Siris Port, which is also the only port city of the island.

Rumors that the island was (and is still) a haven for smugglers using the intricate tunnel system, are vigorously denied by the local government.