Siroc & Newsted saga

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An ongoing RP intended to be humorous, involving King Siroc and President Newsted, the leaders of Sirocco and NuMetal. Current location of the thread is:

It is the tale of two national leaders who met to declare war upon each other and instead ended up on a global adventure to try and return to Sirocco. The following events have taken them all over the NS world through regions like Hell, Lazarus, The Rejected Realms - they even got lost in Francos Spain once.

Probably uniquely amongst the many RPs of NationStates, the Siroc & Newsted Saga is about national leaders trying to stop a war instead of fight one. Although, if you've read it, you'll probably notice how inept the two rulers are at this.

A spin off 'animation' was created by Sirocco here:

The thread has been going on since September 19, 2003, Stemmed off a thread created by The SLAGlands.