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Siskra is the largest religion of the Alcalid Empire, its place of origin. The most basic(but a major understatement) about it is that it concerns the worhship(or honoring) of the Sisk(the embodiments of elements of the universe.


Rachner = Sisk of Storms. Created by the power of Ulus and Palsa Palsa = Sisk of Fire Ulus = Sisk of the Sky Surpel = Sisk of Water Derbis = Sisk of Cold Gorgis = Sisk of the Ground Ropel = Sisk of Metal Habel = Sisk of Creatures Jelz = Sisk of Life Jalz = Sisk of Death Opelia = Sisk of Planets Palpurty = Sisk of Stars Omis = Sisk of Space

The Creation of The Universe