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The Sjatolkiair (pronounced Ss-ya-tol-kai-eer), which means 'gathering for writing of song') was an attempt by the Jhan, in particular the Daii to preserve their - up until that point - purely oral tradition of mythical song- and poem-singing from the onslaught of The Romanic Empire around the time of the birth of Christ.

Their attempt was driven by a common saying of the time: Lori atahi kedraki iair, or Dead men sing no songs. The great import of the book at the time of writing meant it was named after the great assembly of poets, writers and leaders that laid down the songs such as Starblaydia (then simply Jhan) had never seen.

It contains the story that describes the beginnings of humanity, earth, life, and the universe the stories that the Jhani culture believed to be true and that uses the supernatural to interpret natural events and to explain the nature of the universe and humanity.

Before all things

Before all things there was Ehud, creator of all things and keeper of the Flame Imperishable, and the Place of Light where he dwelt. Beyond the Place of Light was the Place of Darkness, where nothing was. And Ehud was alone, and wished for company, and from his Flame there sprung forth the Ashar (singular Asha). They were the first and greatest of his sparks, and he loved them and they him, for each of their flames was from a part of him, and if all their different hues could be added together, they would be a smaller reflection of Ehud's own light. The Ashar, at first, burned individually, or in conjunction with Ehud's directions, but only gradually, through exposure to each other, they burned together. Through watching around them the Ashar become aware of each other's flames.

Then Ehud revealed to them that they should burn together, as a chorus. Each Asha was given their individual spark of purity and when placed together, they would reveal an ultimate purity.

The pre-creation flame

As the Place of Light burned ever brighter the purity and truth that was revealed to them showed what the transliteration of their collaborative flame into a material reality would be like. One Asha wished to show his own purity, and his spark burned differently to the chorus.

The flames of the Ashar burned brightly and purity was revealed to them all, and all of truth was revealed to them. But, like a licking tongue of flame, each truth was taken away, and some truths were mis-seen, mis-remembered, or not seen at all, and this was the will of Ehud.

Many Ashar were enamoured with the vision of purity that had been put before them, and wished to be part of it, while others loved the Place of Light the most, and wanted to stay with Ehud. Then Ehud created the world, and placed the secret fire within its heart. Those who loved the world were bound to it forever, and its every element was attuned to one of them, and they were forever to be a part of the world.