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“SLANI” redirects here. For the Capitalizt organization, see Capitalizt SLANI.

Slani is a rejistanian expletive which became known via #nssport in the Internet Relay Chat, but is used by many members of the Sports roleplaying scene. Besides the common meaning of '%&§$&%&(!"§$§/$', it can also be used as verb. 'To slani' means 'to worsen extremely' or 'to FUBAR'.

The rejistani pronounciation is "s-LAH-nee" or "es-LAH-nee" depending on the nanti. However among the IRCers, it is expected to be pronounced as "SLAR-nee".

A huge number of slani-related puppets exists or used to exist:

  • Slanitopia
  • Slanistan
  • Slanitania
  • Slani Hyperinflation
  • The Rich and Slani