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Flag of Sliponia
Motto: "You Can't Stop What You Can't End"
Region Lancre
Capital Slip City
Official Language(s) Sliponian English
Leader Jesse Ross
Population 4.672 Billion
Currency The Slip - § 
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General Info

The Athletic Paradise of Sliponia is located in the region of Lancre, and has is most known for its athletic achievements, having won the fourth Handball World Cup 29 to 22 versus a most heated athletic rival, NEWI Cefn Druids. Among that honor Sliponia has hosted several events as well as competed in regional events. In the Lancre Olympics, Sliponia walked away with 12 golds, 10 silvers, and 1 bronze for a total of 23 medals and the overall victory.

The Athletic Paradise of Sliponia is a massive, economically powerful nation, renowned for its punitive income tax rates. Its compassionate, hard-working population of 4.62 billion enjoy extensive civil freedoms, particularly in social issues, while business tends to be more regulated.

The Sliponian Jayhawk

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Education, Law & Order, and Social Equality. The average income tax rate is 100%. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Book Publishing industry, followed by Automobile Manufacturing and Soda Sales.

Skateparks can be found in every city, people are now classified as male, female, or genderqueer, the government has instituted 'traveller reservations' across the country, and all footpaths have tollbooths. Crime is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Sliponia's national animal is the Jayhawk, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the Slip.

Sliponia is ranked 6th in Lancre and 5,824th in the world for Nudest.


Sliponia is run through a direct democracy. Every vote counts! Direct democracy in its traditional form is Rule by the people through referenda. The people are given the right to pass laws, veto laws and withdraw support from a representative (if the system has representatives) at any time. In Sliponia, this is true on the local level, but not the national level.

Present Day

The incumbent leader is President Jesse Ross serving in his second consecutive term. National elections happen every three years while local elections are yearly. There are several parties in Sliponia's elections and they all stand an equal chance. Votes split fairly equally among them all, but the Celtic Party, which is the current ruling party, tends to get most of the votes.

Politics, Regional and Global


The government of Sliponia is looking to become more active in Lancre which would include becoming the Regional Delegate to the United Nations. Sliponia is very interested in sports and is looking at being apart of governing councils through out the world. There has also been talk of starting formal alliances.


The government has recently ended an era of isolation from global interaction and looks very interested to be involved. Sliponia tries not to go where it is not wanted, but when despots attempt to acquire WMDs, Sliponia will intervene.


Sliponia is very athletic nation. Whether or not all the Sliponians are gifted or not, they still enjoy sports.


The Athletic Paradise of Sliponia has competed in many events, but also takes time to host events. Two memorable events have been the Lancre Cup and the Richter Classic.

Lancre Cup

During Lancre Cup IX, Sliponia played host where the best soccer minds in the region competed to which Sirocco to the victory over DTAS Land.

Richter Classic I

All documents have been lost regarding the Richter Classic. All that is known was that it was a basketball tournament.

Professional Sporting Leagues


Sliponian Premier Soccer

In what used to be Sliponia's top soccer league, the 20 best teams in the nation competed for the coveted SPS Cup. However, this league joined with the Northern Sliponia Soccer Federation and the National Soccer Authority to create one 30 team league, the Sliponian Premiere League. Not all teams transferred however.

SPS Final Season Season

Below are results of the SPS' final season before becoming the SPL.

                   Pts  W   D   L  GF:GA   GD
1.  Wichita        113  22   9   7  54:30   24 C
2.  River Oaks     105  21   4  13  48:35   13 x
3.  Ekoli          102  18  10  10  50:38   12 x
4.  Northglen       99  18   7  13  48:36   12 x
5.  Westglen        99  16  13   9  50:40   10 x
6.  Great Heights   98  17   9  12  51:39   12 x
7.  Real Richter    98  17   9  12  47:39    8 x
8.  Spring Hill     98  17   9  12  47:41    6 x
9.  Shawnee         97  17   8  13  48:41    7 x
10. Eastglen        93  15  10  13  48:39    9 x
11. Raytown United  92  14  12  12  50:40   10
12. Slip City FC    92  15   9  14  41:43   -2
13. Palaccio        91  14  11  13  42:36    6
14. DiLoke          87  13  10  15  46:45    1
15. Northwest       85  12  11  15  35:39   -4
16. Boulderdash FC  84  12  10  16  41:47   -6
17. Vasquez         82  11  11  16  39:48   -9
18. Flint Hills     78   9  13  16  38:52  -14
19. Beaumont        75   9  10  19  35:44   -9
20. Wellington      39   0   1  37   2:88  -86
x denotes playoff berth.
C denotes playoff champion.

Northern Sliponia Soccer Federation

More info coming soon.

National Soccer Authority

One of the three leagues that combined to form the SPL