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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is snapisnapiestu.
Ambassadorial Posting
Active in Upper House Committees; facilitated the integration of Cuttlefish Island into Errinundera; reformed the Sacred Tree Registry

A member of the formidable "snap" dynasty and great grandaughter of the remarkable snapier, snapisnapiestu, or "s.s.e." as she is known to her friends, has earned her own reputation as a reforming communitarian. Recently she has spread her branches by becoming Errinundera's ambassador to The People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia


Born in McKillops Bridge to Magistrate parents, snapest and snapu, she was from an early age immersed in the culture and practices of the Errinundrian Magistracy. Her high school results catapulted her into the Magistrates School at the McKillops Bridge Polytechnic where she majored in Communitarianism and gained a Doctorate in Law with her thesis entitled "Care: Rights and Contributions in a Communitarian Society".

Early Career

Her first appointment was to the Magistracy in her home city but she soon found the clubby atmosphere limiting. It was during this time that she wrote her best-selling book, "Community Power", where she argued that Errinundera must complete its evolution toward a decentralised political system. In this system, power would be completely devolved to villages, towns and suburbs. Issues involving larger groupings would be resolved co-operatively between the smaller communities. Her book discussed several mechanisms for achieving such co-operation. She didn't shy away from the inherent problems in such a system for a nation of 4 billion people but argued that the potential for human development far outweighed the costs in political efficiency.

Belief into Practice

Tiring of the moribund culture of McKillops Bridge, she shocked observers by accepting the apparently low-status Magistracy in the small tree-town of Fanny Moo, famous for its radical community spirit. Her humane, communitarian and environmental decisions were well-accepted by the Fannies who renewed her contract several times.

From there she completed her most famous work, "Destroy All Monsters" in which she argued for a much more active role for the individual in upholding Errinundrian communal values. Controversially, she endorsed the national practice of Corporate Torching. This was not as radical as it may seem: Magistrates since the Liberation had allowed the practice to continue through countless decision that, while not endorsing it, failed to condemn it. snapisnapiestu was part of a vanguard arguing that torching was sometimes necessary in a flourishing democracy. A record of her views can be found in the news article "PROTESTERS TO TORCH EXECRA HEADQUARTERS"

Political Activities

As a Magistrate snapisnapiestu took a seat in the upper house of the national parliament in First Creek Falls, a seemingly incongruous role given her decentralist beliefs. She became active in several committees, most prominently Minority Encouragement, Sexual Equality, Community Development, Community Identity, Structural Reform, Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Appointments. The last two committees indicated that she was beginning to widen her interests. At this time she wrote her third, most ambitious, and least accepted or understood book, "The Forest Project", where she imagined a world Forest, an expanded Errinundera. The general consensus was that she had become a victim of her own hubris.

Achievements: Cuttlefish Island and Goongerah

Despite her towering ambition snapisnapiestu does have many down to earth achievements. In particular she took leave of absence from Fanny Moo to visit Gaitan on the newly discovered Cuttlefish Island. The islanders wished to become part of Errinundera and snapisnapiestu facilitated a seamless legal transition.

Read a news report of the events on Cuttlefish island: "SHOCK REVELATIONS ON REMOTE ISLAND"

This was followed up with her restructuring of the Sacred Tree Registry in Goongerah that had became a reactionary impediment to the fulfilment of its own charter. The reform of the Registry climaxed in the forcible removal of its then Protector of Sacred Trees, poplecti, from his office by cherry picker and grappling hooks, an unusual instance of one magistrate acting against another.

Read a news report on the sacking of the Protector: "PROTECTOR SACKED – SACRED TREE REGISTRY TO BE RESTRUCTURED"

During this time she also completed a degree in Diplomatic Law from the First Creek Falls Lyceum, a further indication of the direction her ambitions were heading.


Spreading her branches ever further snapisnapiestu recently became ambassador to The People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia. Like all embassies in Ariddia, Errinundera's embassy is located in the city of Rêvane, in an area renowned for its large, beautiful parks. The appointment was greeted with some relief by her opponents and rivals within the Magistracy. No-one doubted, however, her ability to fulfill her mission with distinction. Watchers of her career are wondering where this change of direction will lead.

Personal Life

So far as anyone can tell the only activity snapisnapiestu indulges in outside her public life is sleeping, an activity she tries to keep to a minimum.