Social Democratic Party of North Ahjeezistan

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Social Democratic Party
Social Democratic Party logo
Party Chairman The Rt. Hon. Jane Urtír, incumbent Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan
Senate Leader Lord Senator Wang, incumbent Senate Majority Leader
House Leader Lady Ferndean, incumbent Speaker of the House
Lord Garibald, incumbent House Majority Leader
Founded 1 May 19231,11 November 1943
Headquarters 55 Avenue of Victory
Moss Bay
Political ideology Social Democracy
International affiliation Socialist International
Color(s) Red
Website [1]
1 The Party was founded on 1 May 1923, and contested its first election on 11 November 1943, North Ahjeezistan's first general election.

The Social Democratic Party of North Ahjeezistan, better known as the Social Democrats is a major political party in North Ahjeezistan, founded on 1 May 2006 by Bupney Roytiàr. It advocated a middle-ground between Quenri Reptiàr's communist revolutionary ideal of independence and autonomists. Part of the Independence Instrument, Quenri Reptiàr was not allowed to contest the first general election. It defeated the Liberal, Conservative and Liberal Democratic Parties to win the first North Ahjeezistan general election, held on 3 October 2006. It became North Ahjeezistan's dominant political party, and remained so until defeat by Lord Madingley in the 20th general election. It nevertheless remained the champion of left-of-centre thought in North Ahjeezistan, and won the 23rd general election under moderate Lord Tom Allen.

The party entered its "dark age" after Allen's defeat by radical Green Lady Averley in the 26th general election. Throughout Lord Arlonway's Premiership, the party was a weak opposition, multiple times gaining and proceeding to lose the lead in popular opinion. It was the opposition for over twenty years. In an attempt to combat the radical image the Greens had placed on the party, conservative Lady Hillary was elected Leader of the Opposition in the 29th Parliament. She was attacked as having no policies, and simply trying to imitate the popular Lord Arlonway. The accusation stuck, the Social Democrats had their worst result in years.

The party experienced a rennaisance under Lady Graham, who laid out the first platform relevant to current problems, destroying the wishy-washy image of the party, and she went on to defeat Lord Arlonway to win the 31st general election. As a result of the 32nd general election, the Social Democrats formed a minority government; the thirty-third saw a Grand Coalition with the Liberal Democrats. They returned to a minority government as a result of the 34th general election, under Lord Harcourt. They were routed in the 35th general election, mostly fought over corruption and affirmative action, re-entered the dark age and became a minority party. The party ruptured, the faction under Lord Summers favoring alliance against the Nationalists and the faction under Jane Urtír favoring a go-it-alone approach, claiming "Lady Derentír wishes to save North Ahjeezistani democracy by undermining it." Its leader, Lord Summers, was the Governor of Dayaqstan, and the first party leader in North Ahjeezistan's history not to hold a seat in Parliament, and its House leader, Lord Wang, was the first Chinese-Ahjeezistani to lead a party in the House. It was also the first time the Social Democratic Party had not held a consulting seat in the Cabinet. The 37th general election was a unprecedented landslide for the Nationalists. In the House, the Liberal Democrats lost all their seats, the Social Democrats lost all but three. Jane Urtír was elected leader unanimously. The Social Democrats opposed the ongoing war with South Ahjeezistan and also opposed Lady Derentír, they won the 38th general election in a massive rout following revelations of Lord Cochran's manipulation of pre-war intelligence.

List of Leaders

# Leader Parliament1 Highest Office Start of service End of service
1 Lord Shackleford 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 3 October, 2006 12 October, 2006
2 Lord Morrissey 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 12 October, 2006 24 October, 2006
3 Lort Hartley 10th, 11th Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 24 October, 2006 3 November, 2006
4 Lord Edinskræ (Green) 11th Leader of the Opposition 3 November, 2006 5 November, 2006
5 Lady Senator Simpson 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 5 November, 2006 16 November, 2006
6 Lord Gúngtonttiàr 18th, 19th Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 16 November, 2006 20 November, 2006
7 Lord Yentrick 20th Leader of the Opposition 20 November, 2006 24 November, 2006
8 Lady Averley (Green) 21st Leader of the Opposition 24 November, 2006 28 November, 2006
9 Lord Tom Allen 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 28 November, 2006 8 December, 2006
10 Lord Ludlowe 26th, 27th, 28th Leader of the Opposition 8 December, 2006 21 December, 2006
11 Lady Hillary 29th Leader of the Opposition 21 December, 2006 24 December, 2006
12 Lady Graham 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 24 December, 2006 8 January, 2007
13 Lord Harcourt 34th Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 8 January, 2007 11 January, 2007
14 Lady Derentír (Liberal Democrat) 35th Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 11 January, 2007 15 January, 2007
15 Lord Summers 36th Governor of Dayaqstan 15 January, 2007 17 January, 2007
16 The Most Hon. Jane Urtír 37th, 38th Prime Minster of North Ahjeezistan 17 January, 2007 Incumbent Leader

1In Parliaments in bold, the leader of the Social Democrats was Prime Minister.

It has three official songs, The Freedom Song, and American civil rights song, Bread and Roses, about a trade union strike in Lowell, Massachusetts, and Beethoven's Ode to Joy.