Socialistische Partij

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Socialistische Partij
Established 1993
Economic ideology Socialist/Communist
Social ideology Permissive
Party leader Jacobus Domela
Seats 10
Motto Solidarity

The Socialist Party (SP) has a radical socialist (some would say communist) platform which has met with surprising success in the last four elections. It is not a social-democrat party. The SLP and KGP generally compete for social-democratic voters.

Stances on issues

Economic issues

  • Economic regulation: Nationalise core industries, tighter regulations
  • Income tax: 69% progressive income tax
  • Unemployment rate: Put people back to work with extensive government programmes, trade protectionism

Social issues

  • Abortion: Support a woman's right to choose
  • Death penalty: Opposed
  • Euthanasia: Not mentioned in platform
  • Gay marriage: Support
  • Prostitution: Regulate prostitution and nationalise brothels to prevent exploitation
  • Social insurance: Increase payments, initiate new programmes
  • Welfare: Basic income for all

Foreign policy

  • Alliances: Leave capitalistic alliances in favour of socialist alternatives
  • Defence: Decrease spending
  • Diplomacy: International cooperation, multilateralism
  • Immigration: impose stricter quotas
  • Rejoining the United Nations: In favour
  • Religious beliefs: Separation of church and state, freedom to choose faith