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Flag of Somabalbah
Motto: Qui Transtulit Sustinet
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Region Watkinson
Capital Esperantia
Official Language(s) Esperanto
Leader Samuel Xavier Marlett
Population 1,013,000,000
Currency Manilla 
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The Free and Sovereign Republic of Somabalbah is an island nation whose inhabitants came from many third-world countries only a few years ago. The country was born in battle: its citizens had to fight off invasions by their home countries, all of which claimed Somabalbah as their own. The official language is Esperanto, which has made cross-cultural interactions far easier. In the early years, Somabalbah's military was valiant but primitive by today's standards. The regular Army received an equipment upgrade in preparation for involvement in the Bjerhj war and has since gone through several more changes in equipment. The Navy is still lagging behind technologically, as is the Home Guard (a defensive army and police force). The Air Force now boasts the state-of-the-art S-37 Berkut as its main fighter. Primary industries are tin mining and licensed arms manufacturing (that is, maufacturing non-indigenous weapons under license).

Important People

Samuel Xavier Marlett- The President. Though only a teenager, he is a strong military leader and is well respected by his people.

Lily Sabina Fairweather- The Vice President. Also quite young to be a government leader, she is famous all over the world for her beauty, firey speeches, excellent governing decisions, and extensive skills in other creative arts besides politics. A marriage between her and President Marlett seems ineveitable. Her name is the same as that of a character in Thornton Wilder's play The Skin of Our Teeth.

Grand Marshal Khan- Head of the land forces and technically all the armed forces of Somabalbah.

Selene and Mistral- Air Chief Marshal and Admiral of the Fleet, respectively. These mysterious twin sisters are, in simpler terms, the head of the Air Force and Navy, respectively.

The Council of Generals- This constantly changing group of four four-star generals is responsible for doing most of the dirty work when it comes to commanding land forces, often heading right out into the field with their troops, something Khan is not likely to do.

Major John Johnathan Johnson IV- This strangely-named officer is also the head warden of Pala Island Correctional Center, Somabalbah's only prison.

Colonel Sarah Fairweather- The Vice President's younger sister, she is Major Johnson's girlfriend and commander of the Home Guard First Regiment, based in the capital city of Esperantia.

Albert Carrington- This elderly British man is the head of the SIA (Somabalbian Intelligence Agency). He is technically a four-star general, but doesn't draw much attention to that title anymore, preferring to be known by his other title: Minister of Intelligence.

Rudolph Eriksson- The German Minister of Finance has a brilliant analytical mind, but is known for being too enthusiastic about instituting socialist-like policies that lead to extremely high taxes! Because of him, the income tax rate is 100%.

Governor John Locke- After an illustrious career as a general, John Locke (best known from the TV show Lost) was elected governor of Dharma Colony, Somabalbah's colony island that he spent quite some time on before he and the other survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 were rescued by a Somabalbian expeditionary force.


Army: An assortment of modern bullpup assault rifles

Home Guard: M14 rifle

Civilian Militia: Type 81 assault rifle

Archid Sword This sword design was stolen from the cool people of Archid. EDIT: Actually, it wasn't. There is no such thing as an Archid Sword. The sentence before EDIT was an act of vandalism by Archid! .