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Nation Bedistan
Official languages English, Noterelenda, Spanish, Greek
Capital Sonoma City
Largest city Sonoma City
(2086 est.)
Establishment 2003
Time Zone UTC–2
(UTC–1 in summer)
Abbreviations SO

Sonoma is a province in the southeastern portion of Mainland Bedistan. Notable cities in Sonoma include its capital, Sonoma City, which is also the largest city in the nation, San Diego, Hundon, and Washington.

Sonoma was one of the original thirteen Bedistani states formed when the nation gained independence in 2003. All of Bedistan's states, Sonoma included, were reclassified as provinces in 2070 when Bedistan became part of Atlantian Oceania.

Negotiations in the mid-2070s between Bedistan and Krytenia regarding Bedistani acquisition of Krytenia's so-called Outer Cities resulted in Bedistan ceding a significant amount of land in the southern part of Mainland Bedistan to Krytenia. This included the vast majority of the province in which the city of Washington was located; the remainder of the province was then merged into Sonoma.

Bedistan flag tiny.png The Grand Dominion of Bedistan Bedistan flag tiny.png
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