Sophia Byzainti

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Sophia Byzainti.
Date of birth:
3rd SR/1st PR/492 EA
Place of birth:
Sector Seven, Solarri City


Sophia Myiani Byzainti (born 3rd SR/1st PR/492 EA) is the current Governor-General of the Serene^Union of Kaenei, First Chair of the Council of the Aengelistoria Dominica and head of Internal Administration (De-Jure) since taking office on 4th SR/ 8th PR/528 EA.

She has held the office of Governor-General since taking over from the incapacitated Killthanus following his failure to recover from injuries which ultimately proved fatal, becoming the first ever Kaeneian Head of State to be elected outside the previous rotational system shared between all Supreme-Overseers following the said inability of Killthanus to discharge his duties. At only forty two years of age she is the youngest ever Governor-General.

Sophia Byzainti is also the first Governor-General to initiate a full mobilisation of the Armed Forces for offensive action, making the first Kaeneian declaration of War against the Sketchen Ogliarchy following their unprovoked attack against the Angelan WorldDisc which claimed some five million lives. (See Conflicts involving The Serene^Union for a more detailed examination of the circumstances).

As well as overseeing said war the Governor-General instigated a program of experimental liberalisations and reforms designed to gradually dismantle the isolationism which had been a founding and integral part of Kaeneian foreign policy for two hundred years preceding, sanctioning joint-scientific endevours and expanding the participation of the Union within The Triumvirate of Yut and the Non-Democratic Alliance.

As a result of the bitter fighting and loss of life in prevailing against the Sketchen Military Sophia Byzainti pursued a more aggressive foreign policy; actively examining events both political and social in progress throughout the Solar System, and pushing for an expansion of Kaeneian operations to both the Jovian moon of Europa and to the Red Planet (Kaenei Mars).

Family background & Early Academic Achievements

Byzainti was born in the capital of the Serene^Union Solarri City in Solarri Province, the second child of Vanaiya & Riise Byzainti. Sophia spent the first six months of her life at the very centre of Kaeneian government where her Mother Vanaiya Byzainti was the Chief Apothecary of the Union of Medicine, serving on the Council of The Aengelistoria Dominica under then Governor-General Alyia. Byzainti celebrated her first birthday outside of the capital however on Khandrii orbital facility, where Riise Byzainti was based as a comissioned Commander of the Defence Solarri.

Sophia spent the majority of her childhood years alternating between her Mother and Father's respective sides, the burden of senior positions in the state meaning relatively little time was spent with the family as a cohesive unit. Having completed Primary and Secondary education within the Kaeneian Defence Force Education System (KDFES) Byzainti declined to focus a future career in the Armed Forces, instead enrolling to fulfil Tertiary education requirements at Solarri Provincial Educational-Assignment Complex -- A university traditionally seen as a feeder-institution for the Kaeneian civil service.

Achieving commendable Alpha passes on the Internal Services, Logistical Considerations and Public Works modules Sophia chose to begin an internship with Internal Administration -- the largest and most diverse facet of the Aengelistoria Dominica with responsibilities for providing all the internal public services of the Union; electricity, housing, sanitation and civil construction to name a few.

Only three months after entry her father Riise Byzainti was lost along with all hands aboard, when the ship under his command(K.D.V. Serenity) came under fire from rogue Sketchen Interstellar Naval assets breaching ceasefire conditions and was unable to overcome enemy strength of numbers. Sophia herself collected the posthumous Union Defence Star' awarded to her father for service and sacrifice to the state, initiating the salute of the guard which had bore his coffin to its final resting place.

Byzainti returned to her internship after three months compassionate postponment, remarkably completing it along with the rest of her class on time despite the loss of almost a fifth of the study time due to the unexpected and tragic bereavement.

Political Career

Sophia was officially commissioned as an Adept of Internal Administration and agent of the Aengelistoria Dominica a day after her twenty-fourth birthday, beginning what would be a steady and seemingly meteoric rise to the position of Grand-Overseer and De-Facto control of the Department. Her innovative strategies of encouraging strong Provincial capacity to deal with internal problems, whilst ensuring the National government held the capacity to plug any breaches in coverage or assist in the unexpected allowed for a vast reduction in duplication and pointless logistics.

Delegation of these issues to the Provincial level also allowed for true customisation of individual needs, for the requirements of the Provinces were as varied as could be imagined; The habitation modules and cities of Fortuna centred on or against the rocky eastern peaks of the country, whereas the clustered and high-rising living towers of the Capital Solarri required slightly less unorthodox engineering skills.

The up-and-coming Kaeneian cemented a first in civil service history when she attained the rank of Grand-Overseer, becoming the youngest ever to hold such a lofty office at the incredible age of twenty six. Only a single step from the council of the Aengelistoria Dominica Sophia also stood on the brink of a quite remarkable second record -- That the Council would for the first time ever count two Supreme-Overseers of the same family within its ranks.

Such a grandiose record sadly did not come to pass, with her mother Vanaiya retiring from the Council and practising medicine at the respectable age of eighty two. Following further the retirement of her own direct superior, and the strong reports of praise and justly-deserved compliments Governor-General Killthanus elevated Sophia to the rank of Supreme-Overseer of Internal Administration shortly thereafter to add to her own career firsts of being the youngest ever Supreme-Overseer appointed to the Council.

Unfortunately for Byzainti her tutelage under Killthanus would be short lived, for scarcely four years later whilst in transit from Earth to Europa the Governor-General's starship would suffer a catastrophic engineering malfunction which led to the deaths of almost the entire crew -- only twenty souls including the gravely-injured Kaeneian Head of State and the Elven Special Ambassador Lady Melyanna surviving.

Despite the best efforts of the Union of Medicine Killthanus' condition was pronounced hopeless, with the Kaeneian remaining in a coma and suffering progressive neural failure with almost no hope of reversal. Without a Head of State the entirety of the Council and the government as a whole was effectively paralysed, leading to an unprecedented suspension of national and trans-solar governance in favour of self-rule where applicable.

During an emergency meeting of the Aengelistoria Dominica Defence Solarri Supreme-Overseer Christansin Meridaa suggested that the current system, whereby the Governor-Generalship would pass to each Supreme-Overseer of the council for a four-year period, was unusable in consideration of the unlikely but possible scenario of Killthanus' incapacitation being deliberate on the part of one desiring power.

Instead he suggested an immediate and secret ballot, where a new Governor-General would be selected from the existing Supreme-Overseers gathered, by whomever held a simple majority of votes. There was considerable dissent, with both Sophia and the Chief Apothecary Viktoria Annabel voicing grave reservations on altering the line of executive succession.

Securing a simple majority in favour of voting, both Supreme-Overseers of the Defence Terra and Defence Solarri respectively withdrew from any ballot, arguing the Military had no place in deciding the civilian Head of Government. From the following ballot Sophia secured a majority of one over Riordan Likonesse, the Supreme-Overseer for the Office of Foreign and Extra-Solar Affairs and therefore became the one hundred and first Governor-General.

The terms of Byzainti's tenure in office has yet to be fully decided, for there is no constitution or defining document by which the circumstances which occured were predicted and a solution provided. It is widely commented on by those versed in the subject that Sophia will continue in the Office of Governor-General until such time as she is unfit through illness or unwillingness to discharge her duties, or a superior system of succession is debated and applied.

Preceded by:
Zan Ceti
Supreme-Overseer of Internal Administration
7thSR/3rdPR /545 EA - 4thSR /8thPR/550 EA
Succeeded by:
Zaetti Forsouth

Preceded by:
Ser Killthanus
Governor-General of the Serene Union
4thSR / 8thPR / 550 EA - Present
Succeeded by: