South Atlantic Treaty Organization

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South Atlantic Treaty Organization
Headquarters: defunct
Members:  ??
Type: Mutual Defense
Forum: SATO boards

The South Atlantic Treaty Organization (SATO) is a now-defunct alliance that was once very influential.

SATO charter

The nations of SATO agree

  1. To contribute such military forces as they are able to the alliance.
  2. That they will stand by resolved policies.
  3. That they will stand against terrorism and nations which support it.
  4. That they will stand against nations which pursue a policey of aggression against member states.
  5. That they will support the Treaty of Lyle and prevent it from being broken. (the Treaty of Lyle effectively stating that the combatants of the last war with the Reich will agree to support the sovereignty of one another)
  6. That they will pursue a policey of peace with other nations where possible, but will be ready to back that up with force.
  7. That we will also where at least 2/3 of the alliance agree provide humanitarian relief or aid to countries embroiled in other conflicts.
  8. We will not use this alliance to pursue power for our own nations nor to pursue agendas of vengeance or land seizure.

The Offices of the South Atlantic Treaty Organization:

Offices under the Secretary-General:

  • Director of Compassionate Relief: Ruud Lubbers (Knootoss)

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