Southean Ireland

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Southean Ireland
Flag of Southean Ireland
Motto: "You drink like an Irish and sting like a bee"
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Region Ireland
Capital Cork
Official Language(s) English,Irish
Leader King Benjamin
Population 3.321 billion
Currency Southean Irish Dollar 
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Prime Ministers

1st Prime Minister David J. Costello Janurary 7 2006-May 7 2006

2nd Prime Minister Vladimar Oslo May 7 2006-June 8 2006

Prime Minister Vacant June 8 2006-June 12 2006

3rd Prime Minister John Timor June 12 2006-present


The History Of Southean Ireland is Quite Intresting! Around Augest In 2005 Caputred The United States Embassy In The Capital Cork There Was One Casalty On The Southean Ireland Side Southean Ireland Was A Republic As King Benjamins Name When It Was A Republic Was President Benjamin M.I Gilbert Southean Ireland Is In A War With Dugon Back in 1967 In West Southean Ireland A Civil War Broke Out Between The Southen Irish Government And The People Of West Southean Ireland And On March 1 1967 A New Country Was Made Called United Morrison and it has its own monarchy the first king was King James Douglas Morrison I The Current King Now Is King Douglas James Morrison it fled Alanium and went to British Overseas Territory but then the country was critisized so it moved to Empires Of Earth it is there as of now. on June 8 2006 The Red Iron Party revolutionized against King Benjamin and King Benjamin ran away to Jard-Sur-Mer

Political Parties

Kulu-The Party That King Benjamin Was In Before He Was King

Murphy-One Of The Leading Parties

Natinal First former ruling party

Red Iron-A Communist Party that Vladimar Oslo is in