Southern Escarpment

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Sourthern Escarpment
Nation: Errinundera
Province: Plateau
Location: Steep southern slopes of the Great Plateau forest
Major towns: First Creek Falls, Hairy Man, Hensleigh Creek, Kanooka Creek
Ecosystem types: Cool temperate rainforest, montane eucalypt, wet open forest, warm temperate rainforest
Av. annual rainfall: 2200 mm

The Southern Escarpment is a district in the southern part of the Great Central Plateau of Errinundera. It includes the steep slopes that terminate the plateau along with the Errinundera River valley and the northern slopes of the Combienbar River valley. Many waterfalls tumble over the edge of the plateau into gloomy chasms and ravines.

The top of the escarpment features montane eucalypt forest and cool temperate rainforest that continues down the gullies and ravines. As the escarpment flattens out the forest becomes more open then closes in once again in the lower reaches of the the Combienbar and Errinundera Rivers to become the warm temperate rainforest of Bemm River.

The district is utterly dominated by the tree city of First Creek Falls, the capital of Errinundera, which accounts for about 90% of the district’s population and almost all its economic activity.

Although the national parliament considers matters of national import, in reality most Government business is conducted at the local level, ie the tree villages and suburbs. Mayors and Magistrates of two or more locations meet from time to time to decide upon district issues that need addressing.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">EscarpmentFalls2.png
One of the many cataracts tumbling down the Southern Escarpment.