Sovereign UN Territory

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Sovereign UN Territory
Flag of Sovereign UN Territory
Motto: "Sovereignity is for the UN, NOT for you!"
National Anthem: None
Region The Halls of the UN
Capital UN Headquarters
Official Language(s) Bigtopian and others
Leader Catherine Gratwick
Population Far, far, FAR less than what
NS stats claim it to be. 'Tis
easy to rig the UN stats
when you make 'em...
Currency Inflated World Dollar 
NS Sunset XML

Disclaimer Contrary to its IC claims, Sovereign UN territory does not have any actual power. Its influence on the United Nations is limited to what its few endorsements allow it to do, and its players ability to influence UN stats is unextant (Due to him not answering any issues). Sovereign UN Territory is in no way intended to pose as a virulently unfunny Game Moderator, nor does its claim to occupy the position of the United Nations Secretary General have any kind of effect on the NSUN, apart from roleplay possibilities when interacting with those few who recognise these outrageous and not exactly serious claims from an IC point of view.


The World Government of Sovereign UN Territory is, quite simply, the few hundred square kilometers of territory under the direct control of the United Nation's Secretary General, Catherine Gratwick, as well as a few minor bases scattered throughout the world.

National Information

Traditional Long Form
The World Government of Sovereign UN Territory
Traditional Short Form
Sovereign UN Territory
Form of Government
Autocratic Dictatorship
Lots of minor and a single major base on Earth


Major Base (UN Headquarters)

The UN Headquarters serve as Sovereign UN Territory's main base of operations. Including a few dozen hotels (As well as various football stadiums, parkings, several shopping malls, a Disneyland etc.) to satisfy the needs of slightly more than a million delegates from nations throughout the multiverse. The UN Headquarters are located at the equator, and there are plans to establish an orbital base of operations right on top of them, in the form of a ludicrously oversized space station (However, so far, the inability of the UN to collect taxes from its memberstates prevents such an ambitious construction).

Considering the UN Headquarters' location, it isn't all that surprising that the climate is quite tropical, resulting in temperatures around 25- 30°C throughout the year. Of course, the location comes with occasional troubles, and the Delagates from throughout the universe do occasionally have to flee said troubles, be they termites, giant (And hungry) ants, hurricanes or ebola.

Minor Bases

There are actually quite a few minor bases scattered throughout the world, all of them under the ultimnate control of Catherine Gratwick. Locations vary, as they can be found at the poles as well as in tropical areas, allowing for a wide array of different designs.

Bases are usually built in areas that are hard to reach, be they inactive volcanoes (This option proved to be somewhat risky, though, as some volcanoes tend to end their inactive periods in rather sudden, and (for the base inhabitants) not at all enjoyable ways), abandoned missile silos, Megalopolis sewers (Nothing for the faint of heart!) or the remains of the Underwater Bubble.


Sovereign UN Territory's economy is based on nothing but the funding it receives from UN membernations. Given that the UN cannot collect taxes from its membernations, Sovereign UN Territory's economy is reasonably shattered and based on voluntary donations from UN membernations, which are, like all donations, kinda rare. This easily explains the disastrous state of most of SUNT's installations (Barring the actual headquarters). However, there are exceptions, and R&D, as well as the production of certain devices is actually considerably advanced. The sheer quality of said devices tends to lack, however, much to the annoyance of Ms Gratwick.


Sovereign UN Teritory's military is based on Catherine Gratwick's personal henchmen. Discipline is absolute, and there is only one punishment for failure. Given the substandard payments, as well as the substandard equipment (Barring certain Doomsday devices whose development has not yet been finished) it is not all that surprising that the army lacks in quantity. Estimates assume that only a few thousand, up to a few tens of thousands of armed henchmen exist. However, these are among the most loyal henchmen known to mankind as the result of the extensive brainwashing involved in their training. Heavy equipment is almost unexistant, SUNT's armed forces are supposed to be small but efficient infantry strike groups operating from a multitude of smaller bases.


It is not known when Catherine Gratwick infiltrated the UN, however, using her devious shemes, and operating based on her secret masterplan, she did, eventually, succeed with occupying the position of the NSUN's Secretary General, thus turning the once benevolent organisation into what is essentially a supervillains wet dream.

Important People


Catherine Gratwick is, essentially, the NSUN's Secretary General, and follows a secret masterplan to achive world domination, using the NSUN as her tool towards this ultimate goal of hers.

Born about forty or fifty years ago, nobody knows who her parents are. Her childhood is equally unknown, the only source of information being Catherine herself when she talks about those Beautiful, enjoyable years full of cat torture and beetle squishing.

A few years later, Catherine did, apparently, continue to develop her fondless of torture and murder, switching from animals to humans, and using her apparent skills in the area to make ends meet. Another few years later, she climbed up the ladder, eventually reaching leading positions in various criminal and/or underground organisations while at the same time betraying them all. Due to this process she eventually acquired the resources necessary to achive her ultimate goal...

Becoming the Secretary General of the NSUN.

Using her devious skills (Feminine beauty not being one of them, since she had suffered a few injuries of the nasty kind during her 'early days'), she quickly succeeded, turning the NSUN into a twisted, dark versio of its former self, aiming to use it to eventually succeed in her great scheme.

Miguel Estrades is Catherine Gratwick's second-in-command, and one of the few (Possibly the only) smart henchmen Catherine employs. He's responsible for the training of new recruits as well as for major operations and excavations (For example in the pacific, near the Bikini atoll). He's of latin american origin.

Lord Evif is a Goobergunchian who, due to Catherine's habit of not actually doing what she is supposed to do in her function as Secretary-General of the NSUN, took over this role, officially being the Executive Member of the Outer Council, which is to say, he does the work without actually knowing anything (Or, in any case, much. Security in SUNT isn't always up to its job).