Soviet Union

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Soviet Union
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Population: 55 nations
Delegate: Comica IV
Founder: Illogic Highway
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World Factbook Entry

The Soviet Union believes in the strength of the unity of communist nations against the subjugation of the bourgeoisie. Together with the Peoples Revolutionary Party, we are working to establish global socialism within our lifetimes.

The password is lifted daily between 8AM and 10PM EST

To protect against invasion, you must endorse the current UN Delegate, Comica IV. Endorsing any other UN member WILL result in immediate ejection

About the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union is one of the largest Communist Regions in NationStates, and along with our close allies the Peoples Revolutionary Party are members of one of NationStates' largest left-wing alliances, the RKKA.


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And coming soon, The Soviet Union - A Brief History.