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Flag of Spaam
Motto: Nemo Enim Fere Saltat Sobrius Nisi Forte Insanit
South East Heartland
Region The Heartland
Capital Artanis
Official Language(s) English, Spaamanian
Population ~9.5 billion (2150)
Currency laari (Ł) 
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Indigenous human settlers arrived on the continent of Nous, in the Heartland region, around forty thousand years ago, and quickly spread into modern-day Spaam. These nomadic tribes joined the Elven population in East Spaam, as well as numerous other races which have diminished over the millenia. It wasn't until Ineptian settlers arrived at around 1000 ST that permanent human (and half-elven) settlements were formed, the largest being Artanis. In 1400, the various tribes and city-states in Spaam united into a quasi-democratic nation-state, which finally became fully democratic in 2003. East Spaam joined the United Territories as an autonomous province in 2004, and became fully integrated in 2054. The nation of Plijous also joined as an autonomous province in 2100, making the United Territories of Spaam one of the largest nations in the Heartland. Through innovation and social co-operation, Spaam has evolved itself into one of the most economic and industrial powerful nations in the Heartland.


Spaam is formed of three separate but connected and roughly equal areas on the continent of Nous, in the Heartland region. The Western area is formed of the nation formerly known as Plijous, which comprises of the Northern half of the Eastern section of the continent. It is bordered on the West by the Sea of Zither, and the North by the Caecillian Sea, and contains the closest point to the continent of Probitas, across the Temperance Sound, to Laudo Deo. It is bordered to the South to the anarchic area once controlled by the empire of Lady Chrystalia III, and to the East by the colony of Fidenkei. It is connected to the rest of Spaam through the South-East. Plijous is a vastly mountainous territory, with flatlands only near the coast, and a plateau in the centre. The many valleys provide resources for various stock, while the flatlands and plateau are heavily farmed for crops.

Spaam proper is situated in the centre third of the Southern section of the continent. It is bordered to the North by Fidenkei, North-West by Spaamanian Plijous, West by the former empire, South by the Amicus Ocean, and East and North-East by East Spaam. The Northern borders of Spaam are marked by mountain ranges, providing a natural border to other nations. There is a desert area in the North-East which takes up about 6% of the entire nation, and the rest of Spaam proper is fairly flat. The flatlands that are not populated or desert are heavily farmed, which has caused problems with native flora and fauna. The mountainous regions to the North and the desert are also heavily mined, uranium being the biggest industry.

The Eastern area, also known as East Spaam is situated as the southern third of the Eastern section of the continent. It is bordered to the North by Spero Neoi, the North-West by Fidenkei, the West by Spaam proper, and the South and East by the Amicus Ocean. It is the South-East most point of the region, and unlike the rest of the nation, remains relatively pristine. There is a small mountain range to the North-East and another along the Eastern border with Spaam proper. The centre of the province is heavily forested, with de-forestation occurring at only a minimal rate. As a whole, the forests of East Spaam produce a quarter of the oxygen for the entire continent. There is some arable land to the North and to the South, but it is the massive fishing operations that occur along the coast that is the province's biggest industry.

Other Information

  • Regular participant of the World Cup since WC3
  • Runnerup in WC7 and WC13, and 3rd in WC6
  • Architect of the modern World Cup Committee via rules 998 and 999.
  • Permanent member of the World Cup Committee (EWCC).
  • Inventor of spaaming to increase the RP-bonus
  • Involved in the most famous sports incident involving puppets, Spaamgate.
  • A world leader in stadium architecture, its giant venues attracting the wrath of many nations who refuse to believe their designs are feasible. Some dispute still rages over the designs to this day.