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rolzell Are you looking for the nation, Spaam?

Classic Spam

Spam in NationStates is broadly defined as posting material that is irrelevant to the subject at hand. It is generally not tolerated either IC or OOC.

Image Spam

Posting of repeated or multiple images that do not serve to help the flow of the thread. This can be the use of images to RP, the use of repeated pictures to declare a point, or the use of semi-flame images from Something Awful or Ebaum's World to mock others.

  • Particularly annoying is the use of images that break the forum boundaries. If you need to post a picture, make sure that it is smaller than 800x600, or you'll explode the forum lines.

Smiley Spam

Smiley spam is the creation of posts overflowing with smiley icons, which dance, twitter, and kill the bandwidth of modem players.

Signature Spam

Signatures that are longer than most posts are the scourge of the forums. There is nothing quite like a two line post and a ten line mulit-colored signature, especially if filled with smileys, to annoy other players.