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"Aegukka" to A.P.I.N Championship
A.R.E.S. to Adali
Adam City to Akiro Yosasuro
Akkadia to Alternative Television
Altoarbourea to Anne Hathaway
Anne I to Ari Smith
Ariana to Astral Albion
Astranasia to BENKONATE
BFA Trophy to Bedistan Football League (2014 version)
Bedistan Football League (2065 version) to Bobs Used Nation Sales
Bobs Used Nations to Burung-yang-membuat-dunia
Buscemistan to Canteria
Cantie to Chairman of Council of Theoldcharl
Chairman of Great Soviets Republic to Ciudades del Cielo
Civerians to Community Defence Forces aircraft
Community Defence Forces hieroglyphics to Corporate Province
Corporate Torching to Cyridd
Cyridd Pendefigion to David Barclay
David Bedford to Deutsch - Rheinland
Deutsch SV to Dream Sphere
Dream of Tomorrow to Economy of Zaire
Economy of the Errikan Empire to Emperor George I Class Destroyer
Emperor Giusecchio III to Etoile Arcture
Etsuai (Watatuneetsu) to Famous Red Vikings
Famous Sporting teams of PEEL to Flag of Franberry
Flag of Greater Zedoljev to Free Market States Exchange
Free Movie Coupons to Galicia-Volhynia
Galicia class CAN to Gilamot
Gilbert Pike to Great Nuneatonia
Great Pyramid of Uhuhland to HPD 32
HPD 36 to Helen Sophie Tinen
Helena Angela to Hockey Canadian
Hockey Champions Cup to ILLUMINATI
IMSA to In Apostolatum Eldari
In Character to Islamic College of the Resurgent Dream
Islamic Liberal Party to Jeansité-sur-Blanche East
Jeddawan Emperor to Juraians
Juraihelm to Kazakhstan
Kazcaper to King Sven VIII
King Sven X to Kuhó
Kujjuaq to Laser Pistol 2
Laser Pistol 3 (Kerbistan) to Liberamente quanto acqua
Liberate Citizens to List of nations with nuclear capability
List of notable Sultanic decrees to Luxcastrum
Luxembourg to Maltese
Malych to Max Dannel
Max Power to Milauo Slietah
Milchama to Moril
Morindira to Nagian Patrol Fleet
Nagona Weapons Inc. to Neapolitan Ice Cream
Near Alaska Province to New Iberia
New Imadistan to Nookrobia
Noordeinde Palace to OSB Times
OSN to Oriental Football Cup 1
Oriental Football Cup 2 to Paradoxia
Paragus to Phantasien
Phantom Phlingers to Popinjay
PopularFreedom to Prosperas
Prosperas First Party to RMF New Delfur
RMID to Regional control
Regional crisis unit to Rihannsu(dictionary)
Rihards Krauklis to Royal Maanenic Aeronautical Defence Force
Royal Maanenic Maritime Defence Force to Saidercrayan University of Camplinton
Saige Dragon to Sciatus
Science Vessel to Shieldcrest
Shieldian Oak to Snake Eaters
Snapier to Sovup Dovakia
Soybayun to Stolleborg
Stone Age to TD01 (2145)
TD01 (2145)/Past to Technology-Manufacturing-Energy Industries
Technology (Eralineta) to The BlackWolf Order
The Black Agents to The Few The many
The Fiefdom of Rafaelo to The Lemon Fresh Scent
The Lemurian Pacific to The Resurgent Dream (Factbook)
The Reunited States to The Xheng Dynasty
The Xheng Dynasty Cabinet to Tlornosa oo-Klarayta
Tnani to Tshwane
Tsinfaraxia to Ujai
Ukenio Minowa to Untera
Untitled Oldham Road Film to Very Small Island
Very evil king to Waller Dynasty
Walsallia to Windonesia
Winds of Change to Yaforite-Generian War
Yagatta And Sheoeiru to Zolony-CENTO War
Zombie Wars to 梁要杨