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The Lemurian PacificThe Leonci'sThe Lexicon
The Lidless IThe Lightened HumanityThe Lightning Star
The Lion's Head Mask of Green-villeThe Little Indian Law of Sovereign SuccessionThe Lone Alliance
The Longinean OrderThe Longinean Order (PMT
The Lord Of LostThe Lorradine IslandsThe Lost nachiush
The Loud SilenceThe Lovely Weather RegionThe Lovely Weather Region Union
The Low ConfederacyThe Lower CityThe Lowland Clans
The Luambo WarsThe Lunar CorporationThe Lynx Alliance
The MT army
The Macabees national football teamThe Magdalen Islands
The Mahar RegimentsThe Malabrian TimesThe Malsonic Nations
The Maltanet IslandersThe Manchu MarchThe Maple Leafs Rule
The MapmakerThe Marayan DiscoveryThe March of Liberty
The Marfesto RebellionThe MarienesThe Marionettes
The MaritimesThe MarquessThe Marxist State
The Maxtopian ProphetsThe Mediterranean
The Melanesian IslandsThe Merchant GuildsThe Meritocracy
The Metal HordeThe Microcredit BazaarThe Middle East
The Mighty MofThe Mighty PumpThe Mikmaq
The Milesian TechnateThe Militärische PolizeiThe Mindset
The Moiran IslandsThe Monarchs of Santos RiveraThe Moo Flights
The Moon of EuropaThe Moonlit IslandsThe Moonstone Wars
The MorgensternThe Mormon Refuge Act of 1849The Mormon State
The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Crown ImperialThe Most Glorious HackThe Most Holy Grail
The Most Holy SandwichThe Most Serene Republic of MorembeThe Most Serene Republic of Pedekatopia
The Mushroom KingshipThe Muslim Democratic CoalitionThe Mystic Mountain
The Mystic TriangleThe Mythical PumaThe Mythology of Set
The NSSRThe NS Draftroom
The Nakagishima DynastyThe NatakuThe Nation-Kings
The National Delesa BankThe National League (Mennon)
The NationstateThe Nationstates BunnyThe Naumarine States
The Near FutureThe NeilasThe Neo-Bactrian Republic of Bactrialis
The NeoBritish EmpireThe NeoRoman ConstitutionThe Neo Church of Vinstin
The Neo DeusThe Neutral Party
The NewTexas Stinky Cheese BombThe New AtlantaThe New Borg Order
The New Breed of ECWThe New CommonwealthThe New Diabolicals
The New DixieThe New Imadistani GovernmentThe New Inquisition
The New MeritocracyThe New Model ArmyThe New Model Army Park
The New RajThe New RepublicThe New Roman Empire
The New Soviet StateThe New True CrossThe New Unified LOTR States
The NewspaperThe NiCOD InvasionThe Nile River Valley
The Nine Elders of Shmuel RabinovitchThe Nintendo EmeratesThe Noean Frontier
The Nomadic Peoples Of Tamatun
The Nomadic Peoples of TamatunThe Non Aligned States
The North CascadesThe North Hanover Islands DependencyThe North Pacific
The North Pacific ConfederationThe North Pacific Guardians
The North Pacific Ministry of JusticeThe North Pacific UndergroundThe Northern Arrow
The Northern BalticThe Northern ExpanseThe Northern Nations
The Nuclear Terrorism ActThe Nurdbotian Civil WarThe Nurdbotian Red Army
The Nurdbotian Soviet AirforceThe OCULMAGTThe Obsolete
The Ocean of PurityThe Officially Big NationStates Ship Comparison Chart™
The Old Raiding ClubThe Omnian Church
The One Hour WarThe One Hundreth ReichThe Oneiromancer
The Oppressed Peoples Of SangrisiaThe Oppressed Peoples of SangrisiaThe Order
The Orion BrigadeThe OsageThe Osage-Yvresse War
The OttawasThe Ottoman EmpireThe Outlands
The OutskirtsThe OzeanThe Ozone Disaster
The PAFEAThe PEELympic Games
The Paan Currency AssociationThe Pacific
The Pacific ArmyThe Pacific Union
The Pacifist Greens AllianceThe PalentineThe Palestinian Empire
The Palm(TM) EsterelThe Panjabi NationsThe Papacy of Anchdue
The Paper BagThe Parks Service of Shmuel RabinovitchThe Pastocian Communist Revolution
The Path of the BlessedThe PatricianThe Patrician Kalinatus Paxem
The Pauloian AllianceThe Pavelic WarThe Pavonia Region
The Pazhujeb IslandsThe Peace of DomzThe Peace of Qualo
The Peninsula of Rotheria
The People's Army of Promethius Prime
The People's Republic of Bar-steward
The People's Republic of The Union of PatrickThe People's Republic of XhengThe People of Rexxarae
The Peoples Republic of YetihiaThe Persian EmpireThe Phalange
The Phantom RegimentThe Pheonix FleetThe Phillipino Azores
The PhilosophesThe Phoenix MilitaThe Phoenix Military
The Phoenix MilitiaThe Plague of 3200BC (Mennon)The Plain Flat Plains
The Plains LeagueThe Planet EarthThe Planet Jurai
The Planet MarsThe Planet MercuryThe Planet Skaro
The Planet SmashersThe PlaypenThe Pleiades
The Plutonian EmpireThe Polar BlitztThe Port Vice Daily Post
The Portuguese UnionThe Post-Constitution Era (Footballia)The Praetorian Empire
The PraetoriansThe Pre-Cadrian Era (Electronia)
The President of the Klatch
The Prevanian Air FleetThe Priest KingsThe Principality of Atocia
The Principality of Han
The Princstable WarThe Proletariat CoalitionThe Proletariat World
The Proletariat worldThe Prometheo-Cadian-Trodonian GodsThe Prophecies of Neo-Macedonia
The ProphetThe Prophets
The Protus CorporationThe Protus Corporation (corporation)The Protus Corporation (region)
The ProvinceThe Province of Algar
The Province of SendarThe Psonic PsunspotThe Psychomaniacs
The PubThe Puppet GraveyardThe Q Continuum
The Quay (Ethan Smith)
The Queendom of Pumpkin Island
The RaceThe Races Across the Lands And Their Place In History
The Raceway at NalimariaThe Rajput RegimentsThe Raum
The Realist PolitiesThe Realm of The RealmThe Realms of Knowledge
The Rebel MafiaThe Reborn Imperial Stronghold Empire CoalitionThe Reclaimer
The Record of King AnaesthesiusThe Recruitment CommitteeThe Red Air force (The Glorious Empire)
The Red Army (The Glorious Empire)The Red Arrow
The Red FactionsThe Red FlagThe Red Liberation Army
The Red Navy (The Glorious Empire)The Red Rose MovementThe Red Tabby
The Red ZealotsThe Red ZtarThe Refuge
The Reich
The Reign of Happen DappenlandThe Rejected RealmsThe Religion of Desh
The ReportThe Republic
The Republic of CzechalrusThe Republic of Footballia
The Republic of IsmdismThe Republic of Melchizede
The Republic of The V O CThe Republic of Tierak
The Republic of UllriahThe Republic of the Islands
The Republican convention of DeshThe Republics DatabaseThe Resi Corporation
The Resplendent DawnThe Restored ESUS
The RestrictorsThe Resurgent DreamThe Resurgent Dream (Factbook)