Speech from the Throne

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This article refers to the Speech from the Throne as it relates to Nationstates. For more general information, please see the Wikipedia article on the subject.

The Speech from the Throne is an event in certain monarchies in which the monarch or a representative thereof addresses a complete session of the legislature, usually to outline the Government's plans for the upcoming year. This event is held annually in many nations, although in some places more or less often whenever a new session of the legislature is called. In many locations, the Speech from the Throne is not written by the monarch but by the majority party (or coalition of parties) in the legislature.

In the Resurgent Dream, the Speech from the Throne is written by the Sovereign himself and is read to at the opening of each session of Parliament. This event occurs in the Throne Room of the Royal Palace. The Sovereign reads the speech from the Gryffon Throne, wearing his official state crown. In the individual principalities of the Resurgent Dream, the enthroned prince of princess also reads a Speech from the Throne to the principality legislature.

Other monarchies, such as Adoki and Marlund have similar ceremonies. However, in Marlund the Speech from the Throne is written by the leadership of the majority party.

In most constitutional monarchies, the speech is either read in a neutral voice or, at least, is worded in such a way as not to feature any real or apparent endorsement of any political party by the Sovereign.

Many republics hold similar events in which the chief of state gives a speech to a joint session of the legislature, such as the annual address given by the Prime Minister of Knootoss.