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Nation: Spooty
Capital: Spootopolis
Leader: Mr Spiff

Spootopolis is the main State for the entire of Spooty, it is a City that has been imersed in rich history and contains some of the finest landmarks, it is the official centre for the national religon, Floydism, and has been the scene of too many terrorist attacks, it resides in the south deep in the state Freak Show

A Brief History

Founded in 1948 by Derek Archibald Spoot IIX the City was originally a large mansion type structure, as further Circus tours were cancelled the hordes of Clowns and Freaks soon began to build houses around the Spoot Mansion, and many shanty town's were erected, Mr Spoot could see the terrible conditions that his former employees were living in and so he started a Circus show on the island, it was an immediate success and the Shanty town's soon dissapeared.

The City prospered and as more towns began to crop up the City was declared the unofficial Capitol for all of Spooty, when the country was officially recognised in 1976 Spootopolis became the Capitol City aswell as the Capitol State, Mr Spoot ruled out from the Spoot Mansion for another 26 years before being ejected by Mr Fungles.

Transport Links

Spootopolis Central Trains Links to all major Towns and Cities, Spootopolis International Airport, whilst not as big as Spiffheim international,still serves as one of the largest airports in Spooty.


Spoot Mansion

The first building of Spooty, this four and a half acre plot was initially built as a Headquarters for the increasingly large Travelling Circus, when said Circus was eventually disbanded and the city grew Spootopolis mansion became a Capitol building and home for the leader, it has previously housed Mr Spoot, Mr Fungles and more recently Mr Spiff.

Big Top

When the Spoot circus began it's exodus to the island of Spooty the thousands of Circus Clowns and Freaks found themselves homeless, they were forced to build houses from whatever they could find, Mr Spoot feared a revolt by the unemployed and so he quickly settup a large Circus show to both keep the populace in line and enmployed, but also to increase the tourist industry.

Holy Church of Pink Floyd

Mr Spoot eventually collapsed under pier pressure and built this monument to the national religon, the Church is adorned with Barretist symbols and is proud to have at it's spire a relica of the machines used in the song "one of these days" nicknamed the division bell, every Saturday night the division bell rings causing the faithful to their knees.

The Floydian State

High Inquisitor Acco Spoot formally split from the nation of Spooty and formed his own less liberal nation known as the Floydian State, it hopes to defend the Church in any way possible, the State recently formed the order of Floydian Templar's who aid any Floydist nation needing help.