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Flag of Spooty
Motto: The Show Must Go On!

Spooty in Orange

NST1 in Black

NST2 in Red

Region Democratic Union
Capital Spootopolis
Official Language(s) Spootopolion, Spanish, French, English, Esperanto
Leader Mr Spoot
Population 2,000,000,000+
Currency Spoot 
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Spooty is a small volcanic island located somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, it claims it's links to Belgium and the Circus show which spawned off the nation, the peoples tend to be lazy and do only what they feel they need to do, the old saying used to be "why put off till tomorrow what can be avoided altogether?"

A Brief History

in the early 1890's Derek Archibald Spoot II inherited his ecentric fathers Circus show, with his training as a entraupeneur Derek Spoot took the dwindling business from a mere blip on the circus radar to a fully fledged monopoly, he had taken on and beaten the other circuses such as the Maskerade Circus and the Cirque de Spooteh, trouble began when the near army sized circus began to deviate from orders, chaos erupted as shows were either diverted or cancelled, Derek Spoot passed the torch onto his son, Derek Archibald Spoot III, who realised the only solution was to have the command centre for the Circus as a nation, this would also cut down on the expenses of travel, a small unclaimed volcanic island was taken and the business once again took off, but it never reached the highs of it's heyday, TV and Radio had killed off the Travelling Circus Show, Mr Spoot looked then onto concentrating on making the tiny nation of Spooty far more welcoming and liberal.

Recent Events

Ninja Strike Team, War for Independance

Due to a beaurocratic error on Mr Spoot's part, a small chunk of the Volcanic island remained unclaimed, the gap was filled by the Ninja Strike Team 1, soon the two nations began to share friendship and relations, the Dictatorial nation of NST1 soon began to ease off on it's citizens, this angered Mr Tan who broke off from the NST1 and settup the NST2 a war was fought that lasted all of two days, the NST2 managed to push the NST1 back into one small fortress, Mr Tan was however forced to sign a cease fire, soon after the Ninja Strike Team nations vanished into obscurity.

El Caudillo Events

Events in extremist El Caudillo angered the normally peaceful Mr Fungles, he went off to a confrence to discuss the affairs within El Caudillo, it was a short lived confrence that did not produce any great results, Mr Fungles was harrassed by the Transylvanian delegate who seemed to take offence to Mr Fungles apperance, after the confrence three Paddle Steamers were sent to retrieve refugees from El Caudillo, after loading full the refugees mysteriously detonated just off the coast of Caudillo, it was a harrowing experience that Mr Fungles wished never to happen again.

Insecurity Riots

Spooty was declared unsafe by the UN, this scared many citizens into turning their homes into veritable fortresses, this crippled the illigit Drug addled Lemonade industry, soon gangs of youths began to tear across the country looting and pillaging in an attempt to recauperate the losses from their failing Lemonade businesses, soon the country was wrapped in rioting, Mr Fungles was kidnapped by the Spoot Halflings and so Mr Spoot took control, the riots currently seemed to have united under the banner of the Worms, a threat was made by the nation of Dimmimar who claimed that they would nuke the Island if any of their citizens came to harm, shortly after the nation of Plutocratica sent in elites to quell the riots, soon more nations followed with confirmed reports of Scandinavians, Jenrak biological weapons, Teh Hax, Charr and The Blessed Chris, so far there had been no word from Spooties closest allies, The Red Tide Mafia got involved at this point, taking on the Lemonaders would be more difficult than was first assumed, troubles got much worse when a Religous sect called Mongongo went around attempting to gain converts for their Church.

After heavy involvment from the Plutocraticans a Communist sect appeared and mounted attacks outside of Spoot mansion where Mr Fungles had managed to escape to, a deal was struck between Spoot and Fungles declaring that the two would work together until the next elections, in Candy Land things were made only worse when Mr Splonka fled after allegations that he was a traitor, he has yet to surface, the Lemonaders then stormed the old factory and have gained recognition from the Spooty goverment, the rest of the riots went slowly cold and the situation has returned to normal.

Mount Spooteh Space Launch

Scientists around Mt Spooteh have been experimenting attempting to perfect their rocket technology, so far 33 Monkeys have lost their lives and no rocket has yet made it off the platform, soon the Spootehans will make it....

The Floydian State

High Inquisitor Acco Spoot has taken 0.4KM^2 and formally seperated from Spooty, the decision has been met with acceptance as it is in the best interest to save the Holy Church wherever it faces trouble.

Floydian Exodus

After the Empire Earth crew invaded the region of Pink Floyd several nations fled to the Floydian States seeking sanctuary, so far the Empire Earth has not made it into the new Region, the almighty decided in the Floydist's favour and the Empire Earth nations were ejected, all worship the Floyd.

Circus State

The Volcanic island is split into 5 subsectors, each with it's own leader, this is known as a Circus State, it makes things far more democratic and far more better for everyone


The Capitol province of Spooty, the leader of Spooty also controls this territory, currently Mr Fungles runs this state, it has previously been lead by Mr Spoot.


This province is home to the national military for the whole of Spooty, the Ringleader Guard, it is no question as to why this is the most militaristic of all the States, it is lead by Mr Spiff, Military Advisor to Mr Fungles.


Candy-Land was not officially recognised until 16 years ago, before that it was a large chocolate factory, the CEO currently holds power here, Mr Silli Splonka.

Freak Show

When the Circus disbanded all the mutants fled to this province fearing possible beatings, they were instead nurtured and taken well care of, in thanks the mutants decided to remain a part of Spooty, occasionally there is trouble from the Halfling sect who copmplain that mutations were caused by Mr Spoot long ago, Mr Splitt rules here.

Mount Spooteh

The smallest of the States contains the relitivly small crater of Mount Spooteh, a volcano which has remained dormant for the past 60 years, the task of ruling this province always falls upon those who are unwilling, currently Mr Spoot, the former ruler of Spooty, resides here.

Holy Church of Floyd

The Floydist movement washed upon the shores of Spooty long ago, it's somewhat bizarre and cultural links made it a great religon for the Freaks in the State of Freak Show, it did not stop there as the church spread soon into the States of Mount Spoot, Spootopolis (Where the central Church is placed) and Maskerade, so far Silli Splonk has been the only leader to survive the spread of Floydism, of course with the Holy Church comes the Worms, a small group exists in Spootopolis but it is the states laws not to harm any citizens and so the Worms can continue unchallanged

Other Information

Election Results

1st Elections

SLP (Spoot Liberalist Party: Mr Spoot, Centralist) 27%

SNP (Spoot Nationalist Party: Mr Botam, Right Wing) 1%

SCP (Spoot Clown Party: Mr Fungles, Centralist) 51%

SNSTP1 (Spoot Ninja Strike Team Party One: Master Wu, Right Wing) 2%

SSP (Spoot Socialist Party: Mr Spiff, Left Wing) 19%


875,000 Troops

656,250 Logistics and Command

218,750 Soldiers

18,750 in the Naval forces

50,000 in the Air Force

150,000 in the Ringleader Guard


4 Cruisers

- SNS Bozo (3,125) [5 Turret Mounted 125mm Schmeil Cannons]

- SNS Fungles (3,125) [5 Turret Mounted 125mm Schmeil Cannons]

- SNS Blurghull (3,125) [4 Turret Mounted 125mm Schmeil Cannons, 2 Turret Mounted Schmeil Guns]

- SNS Cocoa (3,125) [4 Turret Mounted 125mm Schmeil Cannons, 2 Turret Mounted Schmeil Guns]

5 Transports

- SNS Spooty (1,023+1,000) [3 Turret Mounted 125mm Schmeil Cannons, 2 Turret Mounted Schmeil Guns]

- SNS Regal (1,023+1,000) [3 Turret Mounted 125mm Schmeil Cannons, 2 Turret Mounted Schmeil Guns]

- SNS Jam (1,023+1,000) [3 Turret Mounted 125 Schmeil Cannons, 2 Turret Mounted Schmeil Guns]

- SNS E-Ting (1,023+1000) [4 Turret Mounted 125mm Schmeil Cannons]

- SNS Gloop (1,023+1,000) [4 Turret Mounted 125mm Schmeil Cannons]

Air Force

250 Zeppelin Transports (100+200) [4 Side Mounted Schmeil Light Guns]

12,500 Monoplanes (1) [Under Hull Mounted Schmeil Light Gun]

12,500 Gyrocopters (1) [Spootenstein Recon Camera]

Ringleader Guard

Squad Biopses

Regular Squad Formation [14,000 Squads]

1 Feild Officer [Schmeil Officers Pistol, Sabre]

1 Feild Radio [Schmeil Rifle, Spootenstein Radio]

1 Heavy Weapons Support [Optional: Schmeil light Gun or Spootenstein Flamethrower]

2 Feild Soldiers [Schmeil Rifle]

Heavy Weapons Formation [6,000 Squads]

1 Feild Officer [Schmeil Officers Pistol, Sabre]

1 Feild Radio [Schmeil Rifle, Spootenstein Radio]

3 Heavy Weapons [Optional: Schmeil light Gun (one each) Spootenstein Flamethrower (one each) Schmeil Gun (between two) Spootenstein Rocket (between two)]

Anti Aircraft Formation [3,000 Squads]

1 Feild Officer [Schmeil Officers Pistol, Sabre]

1 Feild Radio [Schmeil Rifle, Spootenstein Radio]

3 Heavy Weapons [Spootenstein Rocket]

Marksman Formation [3,000 Squads]

1 Marksmen Officer [Spootenstein Sniper Rifle]

4 Marksmen [Spootenstein Sniper Rifle]

Spec Ops Crazy Monkey Elite Formation [250 Squads]

1 Feild Officer [Spootenstein Hunting Pistol, Sword Cane]

4 Feild Soldiers [Spootenstein Hunting Pistol, Sword Cane]

Armoured Company Formation [1,000 Squads]

1 Schmeil APC [Turret Mounted Schmeil Gun]

1 Feild Officer [Schmeil Officers Pistol, Sabre]

1 Feild Radio [Schmeil Rifle, Spootenstein Radio]

1 Heavy Weapons [Optional: Schmeil Light Gun or Spootenstein Flamethrower]

2 Feild Soldiers [Schmeil Rifle]

1,250 Schmeil APC's (10+10) [Turret Mounted Schmeil Gun]

750 Schmeil Light Tank (10) [Turret Mounted 125mm Schmeil Cannon, Hull Mounted Schmeil Gun]

300 Spootenstein Artillery (10) [Hull Mounted 155mm Spootenstein Howitzer]

200 Schmeil Main Battle Tank (10) [Turret Mounted 155mm Schmeil Cannon, 2 Hull Mounted Schmeil Guns]


Primary School(3-7)

Intensive Preporation for Junior School

Basic Arithmitic and Spelling

All Students are Required to be able to Read

Junior School(7-10)

Intensive Preporation for High School

Geography and History

Art including History Therof and Theory

Science in the forms of Biology, Physics and Chemistry

High School(10-17)

Optional Column One

Further Science

Further Mathematics

Further English

Further Art

Optional Column Two

Wood Working

Metal Working


Optional Column Three




Art History

Further Education (17+)



Holy Barretism Day

Holy Barretism Day is announced by the Holy Inquisitor, it could be on any day of the year, people flock to the Holy Church in the Floydian State to remember the loss of SYD, the're eyes still grow damp even now after many years without Barrett.

Surrealists Day

May 24th, celebrating the creation of Andre Bretons monumental document "The First Manifesto of Surrealism" a document of which most homes in Spooty own a copy, celebrations of this day are always wild for all laws are removed and chaos reigns, fancy dress seems to be a unifying theme of all parties.

Fireworks Day

November 5th, celebrating the device which lights up the nights sky, it also marks the last day of the Circus Season, and the official date when the last of the Circus shows returned to Spooty, all over Spooty fireworks are launched into the sky and the show is watched by any thousands.


Holy Church of Floyd 79%

- Barretist 56%

- Waterites 14%

- Gilmourians 26%

- Masonists 2%

- Worms 2%

Judaism 12%

Solist 8%

Christian 1%

- Catholic 2%

- Protestant 6%

- Judeo 30%

- Amish 62%


There is a great divide amongst the Musical scene in Spooty, one half is occupied by the Pyschedelic movement, paying particular interest to the band Jefferson Airplane, the second half is devoted to Metal, although the both sides generally get along fine there is some debate when it comes to major performances about which genre should be satisfied, some beleive that this is why the band Spooty Tab was formed, in order to bridge the gap.