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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #nssport.

#nssport is the Internet Relay Chat channel for NationStates sports discussion. The main area of discussion is usually the World Cup, whether it be criticism of the techniques used to scorinate or OOC banter at a given result. In the past, there was often lighthearted political debate, usually involving rival camps of "capitaliZts" (including Commerce Heights) and "communiZts" (notably Eauz), though this doesn't happen much lately. Also many transfers in the International Domestic Soccer Newswires were planned and discussed there. If the #NationStates channel is idling, the occasional channel invasion takes place.

The channel was founded by Fmjphoenix after Total n Utter Insanity permanently banned Liverpool England and Spaam among others, since this could not be reversed and Total n Utter Insanity once in a blue moon apperances on the channel it was moved from #sport to #nssport. #sport was found by Total n Utter Insanity after the former channel #wcc (World Cup Committee) was forgotten by Esper and re-founded by Liverpool England.

The operators currently include:

Group draws for the World Cup and other tournaments like the Under-21 World Cup often take place here.

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