Sports in The Federated Stars

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The Battle Arena

A Battle arena is structured similarly to a very large fotball open air stadium, with a 200m X 350m feild, but some much bigger ones exist. Each combat feild is different with Placed around the stadium are a vast number of extremely large trid screens depicting various cockpit views, an over head view, various perspective shots, and condition read outs portraying the battlemechs as well as images of the pilots and thier stats. There also exists an enormous sound system blasting the aural aspect of the battle as well as various pieces of action related music and a "mood" lighting system designed to enhance the chaos of battle with flashes and strobing. Any number of spectator seats encircle the field and each seat is equipped with a miniature trid screen and headset unit which can be switched between various shots or pilot conversations. Several areas include data ports so the spectator can jack into a virtual battle environment and move freely through it through the utilization of simple hand controls. Tickets run from 2,500-4,000 ¥ for Green tournaments and 7,000-15,000 ¥ for Elite. A control booth is spaced on the upper deck of the stadium from which all computer and production aspects of the arena are controlled.


Tournaments exist for several levels of skill and can be played between teams or individual Mechwarriors. When a Mechwarrior or lance enters a tournament for the first time they are classified as "mercenaries". The warrior may request admittance into an established mercenary group or they may form their own, which involves nothing more than giving yourself or your group an impressive name. Entering a tournament isn't exactly cheap and the cost is determined by the weight category of the mech. The costs are as follows:

  • Light: 500,000 ¥
  • Medium: 1,000,000 ¥
  • Heavy: 1,500,000 ¥
  • Assault: 2,000,000 ¥

If you were to enter as a group then add up the total cost of your mechs. A lance with two medium and one heavy mech would cost 3,500,000 ¥ to enter into a tournament. The individual mech you use is up to you. Warriors or groups of warriors are matched with opponents based on the total calculated strength of their units. The victorious warrior or lance wins a prize equal to the total of both side's entry fees and moves to the next grade (see below). So if two medium and one heavy mech went up against two medium and one heavy mech, the prize would equal 7,000,000 ¥. The arena obtains all of their money through ticket and sovener sales. If the warrior or lance so desires they may challenge a group with a higher strength than their own in the interest of obtaining a larger prize. No warrior or lance can ever challenge somebody lower then their own class. Also, if a warrior or lance is victorious they must move up a class, they cannot stick around in a lower one honing their skills by blowing away inferior pilots.

Speaking of class levels, there are four: Green, Regular, Veteran, and Elite. Within all classes except elite there are also four grades: Simply, 1-4. When a combatant is victorious they move up one grade. If they are defeated, they move down one. If they win a tournament while at grade 4 the class rolls over to the next highest level. All prizes and entry fees stay the same until the combatant reaches the Elite level. That's when things get interesting.

Elite Battles

When a warrior or lance reaches the elite level several things happen. First, all normal prize money is QUADRUPLED. Second, Elite matches often offer a significant prize purse paid for by corporate sponsors. Third, since there are no grades in elite, if you lose a battle you are not only knocked down to the Veteran class but also knocked to the BOTTOM of this class. And, fourth, the warrior or lance may be offered a position in a March unit. Three March units exist. All of the three March units are corporate sponsored and although the traditional entry fee and prize system still exists the monetary figures are insignificant when compared to what the companies pay the Mechwarriors to keep winning.

Other Rules

If a warrior dosen't have his own mech and wants to use a specific arena mech there is a one time 1,000,000 ¥ fee otherwise your mech is chosen randomly within the selected weight category. If you want to use your own mech, there is a one time 10,000,000 ¥ fee. Each mech must have its own data chip with all of that mech’s information on it, too help keep everthing fair. Stolen chips containing the data relating to superior mech designs are a high priced commodity on the black market. Damage done to a mech does not carry over from battle to battle. The exception to this rule are rare games known as Campaigns in which a unit, always elite and usually corporate sponsored, fights several opposing units on the same day.