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Sports roleplaying is the roleplaying of matches or games between national or nlub teams in a certain sport, be it football (soccer), 'American' football, ice hockey, rugby, athletics, motorsport, dodgeball or any other RL sport you can think of or new one you can invent. The term is generally used only to refer to matches which take place in the format described here and not to athletic competitions which might appear from time to time as an incidental part of a roleplay organized according to a different format.

The results of the matches are not determined in the course of the RP, but they are scorinated by the hosts of a tournament and either posted in a thread in the forums or telegrammed to nations to inform them of the result. The use of scorination makes godmodding almost irrelevant, as the possibility of refusing to acknowledge that a person won/lost is removed by having an official result posted. Sports roleplayers have instead utilised amusing variations of godmodding, including the allocation of almost all goals to a given player or the use of stadia of impractically large sizes.

Roleplays are written about the results, usually in the form of newspaper or television reports. Roleplaying the results is not mandatory, but often encouraged by an RP-bonus. The longest running competition is the Football World Cup.

Other Current competitions are:

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