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Flag of Spranten
Motto: Kolag mi Ta
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Capital Hodati
Official Language(s) Sprandig
Leader Kela Liot
Population 1.9 billion
Currency Olag 
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The Commonwealth of Spranten is a vast, pleasant nation with beautiful forests and stunning coasts.

Founded in 1874 after a long and traumatic war of independence, Spranten has a strong national identity, founded on a unique musical and poetic tradition, and a strong belief in direct democracy.

The political process is open and the many newspapers, radio stations and TV companies are free of political interference by statute.

Government is by a mix of direct and representative democracy. Members of Parliament are elected by the provinicial governments. In turn, the provincial government is elected by local government, which is controlled by the local populace through general meetings which all may attend. In addition, referenda are common, increasingly using the new Digital Government system introduced during the last two years. The cabinet is selected by direct mandate every four years.

The average income tax rate is 71%, which supports a range of social services. Crime is totally unknown and national service is compulsory.

Economically, Spranten is well-developed. There is a large private sector. The country is self-sufficient in food, with substantial exports from the large surpluses produced. In addition, the verdant forests underwrite the world-famous publishing and furniture industries. The Information Technology sector is growing dramatically - ST recently reported that 85% of the population have access to broadband and 80% have an Internet-capable mobile telephone.

For the people of Spranten, education is highly valued. Some of the oldest centres of learning in the world are the partisag which can be found in most cities. Similarly, the publishing industry is ancient and includes some of the world leaders in academic and learned writings.

Spranten's national animal is the hoopoo and its currency is the olag.