Spruitland at the Tyrellian Ylompics

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Spruitland sent a total of 257 athletes (or 210 entries) to the Tyrellian Ylompic Games, with the cyclists as their main medal hope. The Spruitland cyclists started off well enough in the early stages of the Ylompics, earning a medal in three of the four road race events.

Spruitland also goes down in history as the first nation to win a gold medal in the Ylompics, when Elke Mancuso won the Women's Cycling Road Race on the first day of competition.

Medal count

Tyrellian Ylompic Games medal count
Pos Country    Gold       Silver       Bronze    Total Medals
Spruitland (SPR) 3 5 1 9

Gold Medals

  • Elke Mancuso - Cycling, Women's Road Race
  • Dorsey Anijs - Swimming, Men's 200 meter Freestyle
  • Trinny Deloo - Swimming, Women's 800 meter Freestyle

Silver Medals

  • Oprah Peesgong - Cycling, Women's Time Trial
  • Stijn Trapper - Cycling, Men's Time Trial
  • Marleen Kuykenberg - Swimming, Women's 200 meter Breaststroke
  • Antoine Dupin - Swimming, Men's 1500 meter Freestyle
  • Vanessa Hartekus - Swimming, Women's 800 meter Freestyle

Bronze Medals

  • Gina Korintjes - Swimming, Women's 200 meter Freestyle

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