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Flag of Squornshelous
Motto: "What is good for the leader is good for the people."
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Region The True Paradise Beach
Capital Vogsphere
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Population ~8 billion
Currency Squornshelan Credit 
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Squornshelous is a massive nation of around 8 billion people that is fairly active in world affairs. We entered the global stage by participating in the Norse War (remembered by few) and the ensuing Xolistan conflict, which also involved such nations as Automagfreek, Aequtio and Crimmond. Squornshelous has since expanded its international role, fighting against the infamous Zoir Space Pirates and helping out in the Second Acigoo War against Egypstan.

Squornshelous is a longtime participant in the NS World Cup, making our debut in World Cup 5. Ever since the beginning of their 100+ year footballing history Squornshelous excelled, finishing 5th overall in their first cup and hoisting the trophy in World Cup 31. We have also participated in more World Cups than any other nation in history, with the current count at 29 qualifications in 30 attempts following World Cup 34.

Additional information

  • Founded April 22, 2003