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The New System

The Starblaydi Football League has gone through a variety of changes in its 50-year history. Orginially playing just fourteen regular-season games a year was fine by the Footballers themselves, the relatively-short League season was felt to be detrimental to the national team. So, the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Divisions were merged and Liga Starblaydia was formed. This would give Starblaydia's players a thirty-eight game season to hone and show-off their skills, which is more in-line with other nations' leagues. To prevent a stagnant league, the many and varied amateur teams from across Starblaydia were brought together in Liga Omega, relegation and promotion from and to the Top-20 was now possible, thereby creating a fantastic and exciting league structure.

The Tiberius Cup is still competed for every year, with all 20 Liga Starblaydia teams and the Liga Omega Championship team of the previous year competing for Cup Glory. Liga Ipsilon is the Women's league. The Starblaydi Football League is the general governing body of Starblaydi domestic Football, be it Ligas Starblaydia, Omega or Ipsilon, and is run by the Starblaydi Football Association.

Liga Starblaydia

For full information, see the Liga Starblaydia article.

Tiberius Cup

The twenty teams of Liga Starblaydia vie for the Tiberius Cup, created to honour Tiberius Starblayde's birth.

In the First Round, the bottom Eight teams in the previous season's standings play off to reduce twenty teams to sixteen. A normal sixteen-team knockout, drawn randomly at the beginning of each round, resumes from there.

Liga Omega

Eighteen amateur and semi-pro teams (along with any professionals relegated from Liga Starblaydia) compete in Liga Omega

Liga Ipsilon

Seven all-female teams compete.

The Old System

Originally, Twenty-One teams took part in the Starblaydi Football League, split into three divisions, encompassing both Starblaydia and Nova Britannicus. Two teams faced the Relegation battle from the Alpha and Beta Divisions each season, while Two teams win glory and Promotion from the Beta and Gamma Division.

The Tiberius Cup was also competed for each year, and though the format has changed, the idea has not. The final league make-up looked like this:

Alpha Division

Beta Division

Gamma Division

The Older System

The Starblaydi Alpha Division consisted of just 12 teams, not including any Nova Britannican and certainly no amateur teams. Iskara Daii were promoted to the Alpha Division in it's inaugural form. The initial league make-up looked like this:

  • Basian Valley FC
  • Corinthian Spirits
  • Hallad Reavers
  • Hersch Albion
  • Internashionale
  • Iskara Daii
  • Jhanna City
  • Jhanna Utd
  • Penningworth Utd
  • Phraen Palace
  • Tabeck FC
  • Vecchio Victors

For more information see: Starblaydi Alpha Division Season 1

The Oldest System

The Starblaydi Premier League was, once upon a time, merely a 6-team league and was dominated by Penningworth United. No records exist from this time other than that the Pennies won two consecutive Premier Division titles before the formation of the first 12-team Alpha Division.