Starblaydi Inquisition

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The Starblaydi Inquisition encompasses the Starblaydi Intelligence, Security and Secret Police services. With the priorities of Law & Order and Defence comprising nearly a half of the National Budget, the Inquisition is not short of a Credit or two.

Comprising Quaestors, Inquistors and Agents as the major personnel, they are all ruled over by the chief Quaestor, currently Lady Viannor, who cunningly fought her was to the top with a combination of blackmail, allure, assassination, favour and blind luck.

Though named after one of the more sadistic and fundamentalist organisations in history, the Starblaydi Inquisition does not adhere to any religious doctrine, save perhaps a strange sense of honour induced by the Fam’dai. The Inquisition's one purpose is clear, to defend Starblaydi from all enemies, potential and current, foreign and internal.

Other Named Inquisitors:

  • Pallukas, Chief of the Granzi City Station
  • Kevan Fursifio