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The Protectorate of Starblaydia
StarblaydiaFlagInfobox.png StarblaydiaCoAInfobox.png
Flag and Coat of Arms of Starblaydia
Motto (Latin): "Fides, Gloria, Sanguis"
Translated (English): "Honour, Glory, Blood"

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Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Jhanna
Five largest cities Jhanna, Tabeck, Ionia,
Penningworth, Farca
Spoken Languages
 - Official
 - Unofficial

Vegan Aquil, Nemyan, Dwarven
Demonym Starblaydi

 - Lord-Protector
· Democracy
· Constitutional Monarchy

Tiberius Starblayde
 - as tribes
 - as a Romanic Province
 - as Jhanna-Sideria
 - as a Britannican colony
 - as an independant nation
 - as a Protectorate
circa 1,000 BC
circa 1AD
circa 700 AD
circa 1892
August 23rd, 1946
April 6th, 1972
 - Total (Summer 2007)

±7,000,000,000+ (AO: 9th)
  - Total (US$)
  - GDP/capita (US$)

Currency Starblaydi Credit (Ψ) (SCR)
Time Zone AOTC +0100
International Abbreviation STB
Naval Craft Classification
  - Military
  - Civilian

PNS (Protectorate Naval Ship)
SCS (Starblaydi Civilian Ship)
National Anthem Starblaydia Triumphant
National animal
English name
Panthera leo krugeri
White Lion
National flower
English name
Laelia starblaydia
Starblaydi Orchid
Patron saint Saint George
Internet TLD .sb
Calling Code +187
United Nations Status un_member.gif
PDAS rating B (High)

The Protectorate of Starblaydia (pronounced /staɪɹbleɪdɪə/) is a massive, economically powerful country, one of the older and most prominent nations of the Atlantian Oceania region. It is located in the north-east of the region, on the continent of Calania, made up of a major coastal landmass and five islands of varying size.

It has a hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of around seven billion people, its population being 8th-largest in the region and 3,158th-largest in the world according to the latest United Nations census, it has been in the region of Atlantian Oceania for a longer consecutive period than any other nation [1]. It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, corrupt, pro-business government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Law & Order, Defence, and Education, though it is notable for its complete absence of social welfare. The average income tax rate is around 37%, though it is higher for the wealthy. A powerhouse of a private sector is dominated by the Uranium Mining industry. Starblaydia's national animal is the White Lion, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, also home to the national flower: the Starblaydi Orchid. Its currency is the Starblaydi Credit, with Ψ1 worth around US$1.8.

Starblaydia is named after the legendary Starblayde sword weilded by the semi-mythical King Oberyn in ancient times.


Main article(s): History of Starblaydia

As a land, Starblaydia has always been populated in one form or another, from simple prehistoric tribesmen through thundering Medieval warlords up to the high-tech, stylish and modern present day. Starblaydia's ancient history is reflected in the culture of today, from politics to sport and everything in between. The nation itself, however, was only designated as 'Starblaydia' from the 19th Century on as an Imperial colony, but soon it emerged as from under that veil and took its first steps on the road to becoming a true world power.


Country Name

Long Form: The Protectorate of Starblaydia
Short Form: Starblaydia
Country Code: STB

In Other Languages

  • Esteresorlaride ('Starswordland') in Noterelenda
  • Capassodistra or la Capasso d'Istra ('Blade of the Star') in Common/Formal Pacitalian
  • Vaxiriva-ethana ('Star to split in two') in Rejistanian
  • Kalonii Se Vega ('the Sword of the Star') in Vegan


North-eastern Atlantian Oceania, North-eastern part of the Calania continent.

Land Boundaries

Nations bordering Lake Bekk (Starblaydia, former Legalese, Footballia, The Lowland Clans and Ereeland) are known as 'Bekkside' nations, which in sports events produces Bekkside Derbies, a source of pride and spice to add to any occasion between these nations.

Maritime Claims

Territorial sea: 20 NM


Mostly temperate conditions, year-round snow in the western mountains


Predominant grasslands, plains and gently-rolling hills across most of the nation, with West and South-Central mountain ranges, South-Western Valleys


Jhanna, Jhan Province


With eighteen provinces, Starblaydia encompasses the territory formerly owned by the Holy Empire of Nemya to its east, as well as the island of Aquiliana. A Mountain-City of Dwarves also have residence in Starblaydia, in Karak D'Ragh, the 'City of Quiet Fire', in the Riegas Province.


Population: ±7,000,000,000

Life Expectancy at Birth:

  • Human: 92.3 years
  • Dwarf: 146.1 years


Though most foreigners assume a person from Starblaydia is a Starblaydian, the correct term is Starblaydi.

Races and Ethnic Groups

Starblaydia is quite a melting pot of various cultures, as browsing the names on lists such as the Starblaydia All-Time XI nominations will prove. The different cultures all add to the unique, exciting and colourful mix of Starblaydi life, an experience not found anywhere else in the world.

  • White 39%
  • Hispanic 24%
  • Dwarf 16%
  • Black 8%
  • Asian 5%
  • Other 8%


The government of Starblaydia is avowedly Atheist, something which has been stated and proven many times, but creates no official barriers to religious worship. It merely fails to encourage the spread of religion.


After the Britannic Empire's rule, English was in standard useage everywhere, replacing anything that had come before it. Though there is no official law to keep it in place, English is simply the de facto language taught and used throughout the country. Some ethnic groups do retain use of their own languages, though this is never in an official capacity, as the number of speakers of these languages is relatively low.

  • English
  • Dwarven
  • Some lingering Nemyan
  • Some lingering Aquil


Education is the third-highest priority on the government spending list, taking some 15% of the government budget, and this is shown in the high literacy rate for the Starblaydi people.
Definition: Ages 7+ can read and write
Total population: 99.7%
Male: 99.5%
Female: 99.8%


Government Type

Constitutional Monarchy

National Government

Starblaydia is a constitutional monarchy in which the Lord-Protector is head of state and the Prime Minister of Starblaydia is the head of government. The Sjarondai is the national legislature of Starblaydia, in a multi-party system where Executive and Legislative power is exercised by the government.


Main article(s): Starblaydi political parties

After Tiberius Starblayde re-instated Starblaydia's parliament, the Sjarondai, the first free and open elections were held in Starblaydia for many years [2]. With a strong presence from expatriates and voters using new Information Technology methods of voting, the first make-up of the parliament was as follows in the table below. The Praetoran Party formed a coalition government with the Starblaydi Democrats to gain exactly 50% of the house, relying on the Antiparticulates for support on any crucial, house-splitting votes that arose.

Party Name Description Percent of the vote Honourable
Praetoran Party This is, and always has been, the main Political organisation in Starblaydia, and is dedicated to supporting the Lord-Protector and whatever his policies are. 26% 96
Starblaydi Democrats A centrist party, originally the banned 'Starblaydia for a Democratic Tomorrow' Party. They have got their prime wish, and now search amongst green and liberal issues for their ground. 24% 80
Workers' Party Not as far over to the left of the political spectrum as you might think, the Workers' Party strives for an efficient and well-run economy, promoting the ordinary worker as the backbone of Starblaydia's power. Increasing economic output is the main priority of this party. 16% 58
Liberal Party In the truest tradition of 'flip-flopping, lilly-livered Liberalism', the Starblaydi Liberal Party seemingly change their views according to whatever situation they are presented with and attempt to fight for each province as a separate entity. 11% 40
Nemyan Independance Party Nemya is a culturally-Greek country enveloped into Starblaydi borders many years ago. There are some who wish for devolution and speration from the political union, and Greeks are attracted to their - formerly banned - promises of more money spent on the Nemyan peoples. 10% 36
Starblaydi Communist Party Another party banned in the years of dictatorship, Communism is their aim, pure and simple, to create the People's Democratic Republic of Starblaydia. 8% 29
National Fascist Alliance A formerly banned party, the SNFA is campaigning for a re-built dictatorship based around them, to remove foreigners and institute the Fam'dai as the national religion. They wish to return to the malevolent dictatorship they had under Lady Viannor. 4% 14
Antiparticulates The party for Vilitan nationalists living abroad, who want to spread the Vilitan political background to their new homelands. The Antiparticulates generally run a neutral campaign, and lean in no significant direction towards the left or right of the political spectrum. 1% 4


All citizens over the age of 18 are elligable to vote providing they have proof of the following:

  • Age
  • Current employment
  • Lack of criminal convictions

Political 'extremists' - such as extreme Democracists and Communists - often held criminal convictions for belonging to illegal political organisations before the Sjarondai was re-instated. Upon its reinvention, all tyrannical political convictions were struck from the statute books, and anyone who had a conviction for such crimes had their record wiped clean.

International Organisations


The respect commanded by Starblaydia's general and military standing in the region led General Aerys Fyreskar to be voted as the President of all forces under AORDO - the Atlantian Oceania Regional Defence Organisation. This also led to AORDO's Headquarters being located in the Bekkside Starblaydi city of Tabeck.


Starblaydia was the first signatory, besides that of the creator, Bazalonia, of the Atlantian Oceania Regional Free Trade Organisation charter. Foreign and Economic policy had always dictated that Starblaydia mirrored the trade tariffs of the nations that it traded with, otherwise free trade reigned supreme. Signing this document placed that mindset into an official regional statement, meaning anyone who signed up to it could officially and permanently have free trade with Starblaydia. Starblaydia also took and Executive Member's slot on behalf of the Strategic Alliance.

Olympic Committee

The Starblaydi Athletic Association holds a place on the eight-nation Olympic Upper Council, and also the general Olympic Council of the NSOC. It also held a spot on the old NSIOC, and entered Starblaydia into the Avid-Diord '04 AOlympics, the Kaza '08 Olympics, the Tyrellian Ylompics and the Ashford Olympics, where Starblaydi athletes wwon much fame and glory for themselves with fistfuls of medals.

Strategic Alliance

Starblaydia, with Tiberius Starblayde in particular, was the driving force behind the creation of the Strategic Alliance of Autocratic States, and also drew up the initial Lavingrad Pact which all member nations have to sign up to. It aligned the Autocratic nations within Atlantian Oceania into one bloc for mutual defence, trade and the promotion of peace. The Strategic Alliance is largely recognised as the most-powerful independent international organisation in the region of Atlantian Oceania.

United Nations

Starblaydia, initially, were a member nation of the United Nations, but following the early massive support for the Banning of Nuclear Weapons resolution, Starblaydia withdrew from the organistation before their strategic deterrent was taken away from them. In the event, Benjamin Mackey's lack of faith in the UN's processes was proved inaccurate, as the resolution failed. Starblaydia did not re-apply for membership of the United Nations until Lady Viannor took control of the nation, replacing the late Ben Mackey with a new representative: Lord Rodrigo Marquez. Current Status: UN Member.

World Cup Committee

Starblaydia was given a place on the World Cup Committee after the honour of co-hosting the highly-successful World Cup 20 with Druida. Under the reformed WCC system, Starblaydia's previous hosting honour and #sport activity also placed them in the 'rapid-reaction' Emergency World Cup Committee.

Footballing legend Simeone Di Bradini was voted in as the World Cup Committee President to serve as President for World Cups 25 (which Starblaydia co-incidentally won) through 27. He was succeed for two terms (covering World Cups 28 through 33) by another Starblaydi hero: Giovanni Lopez.


Main article(s): Sport in Starblaydia

Simeone Di Bradini while playing for the Under-21 football team

As a nation hugely motivated by sports and sporting prowess, Starblaydia leads the field in sporting achievements around the world. Competition and athletic ability are highly respected and promoted in Starblaydi society, as a way of keeping its population fit and healthy, as well as having a more-than healthy desire to win.

Starblaydia are one of the most famous nations in the world of sport, be it Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey or any number of a myriad of events. National teams have won the football World Cup (twice) and Under-21 World Cup (once) and taken the regional AOCAF title a record five times, as well as taking the Gold Medal in Men's Football at the First Summer Olympics . The Ice Hockey Cherry Cup team, the Rayzors are the most successful in the world ever with five championships to their name. Liga Starblaydia, the domestic football championship, is regarded as one of the top-three leagues in the world.

Starblaydia exports its athletes and management staff all over the region and the world, most notably in football.


Main article(s): Starblaydi Armed Forces

Starblaydia are the current President-Nation of AORDO and take an active role in that Organisation. Starblaydia maintains a marginally post-modern tech Military, and spends around a quarter of its GDP on the military, with another quarter on Law and Order.

A long history of a militaristic people dates back to ancient times and beyond, back to the days of mythical warrior-heroes who walked the land. Due to a long and distinguished culture of excellent cavalry forces, Starblaydia's overriding military doctrine is of highly-trained, lavishly equipped and well-supported forces striking quickly with precision and skill. Around 1.75% of the national population serve at one level or another within the military, currently some 87 million people.


Nova Britannicus is the only nation that can be implied as a puppet state of Starblaydia. When Starblaydia was in self-imposed exile from the international body, their influence over the decisions made by the Britannican UN Representative was plain indeed. Nova Britannicus itself is a semi-subservient nation to Starblaydia, relying in it for such varied items as national security, regional importance and a football league. The Lord-Mayor of Nova Britannicus takes a seat on the Lord Protector's Inner Council.

22pixStarblaydiFlag.jpg The Protectorate of Starblaydia 22pixStarblaydiFlag.jpg

Main article: Starblaydia
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Major cities: Jhanna, Tabeck, Ionia, Vecchio, Penningworth, Corinth, Tournet, Nidola
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