Starblaydia at the First Summer Olympics

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Starblaydia - by way of the Starblaydi Athletic Association - entered the First Summer Olympics.

Starblaydia declined entry into the First Winter Olympics, but this would not be the first Olympiad Starblaydia participated in, having competed in the Kaza '08 Games in Kaze Progressa, as well as Avid-Diord AOlypmics and the Tyrellian Ylompic Games.

   Gold       Silver       Bronze    Total
STB Starblaydia (STB) 10 7 5 22

Gold Medals

Goodwin/Richter/Lee/LaPlanza, Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay
Hilary Oakley, Women's Uneven Bars
Kurt Heishman, Men's Middleweight Boxing
Choutos/Tsitsonis, Men's Coxless Pairs
Meredith David, Individual Dressage
Jillian Diamond, Individual Showjumping (clear round)
David/Haines/Diamond/Cole, Team Showjumping
Team Equestrian
Men's Football
Rugby Sevens

Silver Medals

Malcolm Cnatos, Men's 50m Freestyle
Carolyn Pereira, Women's 50m Freestyle
Joan Hersey, Women's Rhythmic All-Around
Danny Winston, Men's Long Jump
Team Dressage
Reimer/Greenfield/Gomez, Men's Olympic Sprint Cycling
Men's Volleyball

Bronze Medals

Goodwin/Richter/Lee/LaPlanza, Men's 4x100m Medley Relay
Luis Reimer, Men's Individual Cycling Pursuit
Joan Hersey, Women's Vault
Tanisha McGovern, Women's 100m
Coleman Mccormick, Men's Long Jump

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