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The Staten-Generaal (States-General) is the parliament of Knootoss. It is referred to as 'the parliament' in day-to-day conversation. The Staten-Generaal is a unicameral parliament with 200 elected members, but this has not always been so. The meeting rooms of the Staten-Generaal are located at the Binnenhof (Inner Court) in the Hague.

Parliament building

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">statengeneraal.jpeg
The building housing the Staten-Generaal and surrounding buildings. The numbers correspond to the list on the right
  1. Party Quarters of the SLP (under renovation)
  2. Entrance Plein 2
  3. Former Ministery of the Colonies (houses the party quarters of the SLP and minor parties, as well as misc. administrative departments.)
  4. Binnenhof
  5. Ridderzaal
  6. Kitchen
  7. Restaurant
  8. Parliamentary Library
  9. Former Ministry of Justice
  10. Ex-Hotel Central
  11. Press Centre Nieuwspoort
  12. Entrance Lange Poten 4
  13. Television
  14. Radio
  15. "The Corridors" (Informal meeting place for politicians inbetween debates)
  16. Plenary meeting room
  17. Public tribune
  18. Spui gate
  19. Promenade
  20. Escalator from BG to 2
  21. Kappeyne van de Coppello lounge
  22. Schaper lounge
  23. Vondeling lounge
  24. Vogels lounge
  25. RCPK party quarters
  26. Statenpassage
  27. Press tower.


Historically the convocation of the Staten-Generaal consisted of delegates from the provincial estates, and dated from about the middle of the 15th century. In the United Provinces of Knootoss it was claimed by some to be carrying sovereignty over Knootoss, while others contended this was in the hands of the Stadtholders. Under the Stewards, it was considered to be a mere advisory body that was gradually given more powers through succesive constitutions and democratic reforms.

Twice in the history of the United Provinces was the power of the Staten-Generaal absolute: during the First Stadtholderless Era (1650-1672) at the zenith of Knootian power and during the Second Stadtholderless Era (1702-1747) when the Republic was in decline. With the demise of the Stewards it was reformed again and given full democratic powers.