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Flag of Steenia
Motto: What The Hell Just Hit My Head
Region Futaba Aoi
Capital New Steenia
Official Language(s) English German French Russian Italian
Leader Roger Steenia III
Population 416 Million
Currency Slapstick 
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A lush forested coastal, with a progressive leadership and a compassionate, yet cynical populace. The manufacturing and exportation of Steenia deals mostly in arms manufacturing, trout farming and furniture restoration. Furniture restored by Steenians always has a small flying squirrel marked upon an unobtrusive spot. This tradition goes all the way back to the founding of Steenia, by Adous Steenia a furniture restorer and a refugee from the highly corrupt and controlling government of Chazriel II. Nowdays the Steenians are expected to learn several languages, and the education system in Steenia is being constantly revamped. some claim that the government is worried more about the surrounding enviroment than for the welfare of it's people, but the nations national animal, the Flying Squirrel is thriving under the nations leadership. A long-extinct off-branch of the flying squirrel, the feather-bellied flying squirrel, has also recently been cloned using rare samples of its DNA. These "living fossils" tend to have short lifespans though. Though rare, a few private collectors keep them as pets, and examples of them can be seen in New Steenia's zoo, The Natural Wildlife Preservation and Observation Center. The Flying Squirrel itself can be seen in almost any of Steenia's forests or, as an occasional nuisance, within the cities of Steenia.

A few more areas of interest for those who wish to learn more about Steenia.

History of Steenia; Dun eideann; Adous Steenia --azriel 03:31, 26 Nov 2004 (GMT)