Sterling Wentworth

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Sterling Wentworth
Minister of Defence
2006 - Present
Liberal Party

Sterling Wentworth is a teacher by training and temperament. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature from the University of Landing and obtained a Master's of Education from Windmere University.

Wentworth taught elementary and middle school English and writing in public schools for 10 years. During that time, he became increasingly involved in the local teacher's union and served several terms as the local union leader. Finally, in 1989, Wentworth left the classroom and began to work for the national union - the Excalbian National Teacher's Associate (ENTA). He was elected president of the ENTA in 1992.

After serving two terms as president of the ENTA, Wentworth was persuaded by union leaders and leaders of the Liberal Party (LP) to run for the vacant Senate seat in his constituency. Wentworth joined the Imperial Senate in 1999.

Despite his lack of seniority, Wentworth quickly became on the party's leading spokesmen on educational issues. Following the election of 2005, the LP under the leadership of Lady Jessica Tagaarth formed a majority coalition and Wentworth was named Minister of Education.

In late 2005, Emperor David IV suffered a severe heart attack leading to conflict between the Imperial Senate, the Imperial Household and barons over the regency and succession to the Sword. When that conflict led to a failed attempt by members of the Imperial Household to close the Senate and an equally disastrous attempt by the barons to replace the Emperor with his cousin, the government of Lady Jessica Tagaarth collapsed. In the midst of the chaos, LP Defence Minister Davis Robb was assassinated minutes after becoming Acting Chancellor following the resignation of Lady Jessica.

In the aftermath of the chaos, a national unity government was formed by the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, Freedom Party and Christian Union. With Lady Jessica retired from politics, Davis Robb dead and several LP leaders discredited, Wentworth emerged as the reluctant leader of the party. As party leader, Wentworth was named to the party's highest post in the new national unity government - Minister of Defence.

Despite his best efforts, the Defence portfolio has proven to be a poor fit, at best, for the former teacher and union leader.

Wentworth is married and has two adult children.