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'Sterrenraaf (click to enlarge).


Joint developed for use by the defence forces of Knootoss and ZMI



21 Metres
1.7 Meters

MIRV Capable. Variable payload.

SCAPA Hugo40 Dual Gravity Imeppelor Coil Drive

Maximum acceleration
13,403 G
Maximum powered range
423,000 Kilometres
Maximum powered loiter time
5 Hours
Maximum Effective Firepower
One 1 Gigaton Gravity Implosion Device

Diagram Legend:

Module One Contains the launch compensatory gravity coils and power source which burn out and are jettisoned nearly immediately post launch.

Module Two Contains the primary gravity drive coils, the gravity implosion warhead delivery system, last ditch active counter measures in the form of four optic multimode weapon/LIDAR nodes fed from a 53 megawatt UV laser, ablative deployment systems, primary power storage and the real time FTL link, and 6 15 kiloton counter counter missiles / hull penetarors.

Module Three Contains primary counter measurers in the form of combat drones and a variety of dumb kinetics and sand casters.

Module Four Contains secondary power storage, and secondary ablatives storage.

Module Five Contains primary electronic warfare systems and gravity signature spoofing generators

Module Six Contains tertiary power storage, tertiary ablatives storage and a solid state 80 megawatt laser generator

Module Seven Contains forward facing high definition high energy sensors, forward facing heavy weapons laser/LIDAR node, and its own self contained gravity coil drive to allow it to accelerate slightly infront of the missile and using short range FTL communications or a 3 kilometre long optic tether guide it in the terminal acquisition phase.