Steven Andolor

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Steven Andolor
Secretary of State
Coricas, Cookesland

Steven James Andolor is the current Secretary of State of The United States of Cookesland. He was born in Coricas and atted the University of Windonesia where he first met his good friend and the present President of Cookesland, Alan Foxswift, who was teaching there at the time. He majored in Political Science and soon became involved in politics. He is currently engaged to Miss Lostelle Caelia.

His younger brother Patrick Andolor plays for the Cookesland Blue Knights, and is regarded as on of the best soccer players in the country. Steven is also arguably the best known Cookeslander of all time, he is often seen dictating the country's foreign policy to other nations of the world. Steven is a Cookeslander of Shifrean descent and his grandparents still live in Aurania-Shifre.

Although he has often been described as tenacious and stubborn at times, Steven is largely though of as a very charismatic person which has been veryfied by many delegates from around the globe. He has a broad shouldered build and chesnut brown eyes.

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