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Flag of Streleheim
Motto: "Für Gott und Kaiser"
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Region Aurora
Capital Corounne
Official Language(s) Strellic (English dialect) – Official, Deutsch, Italian, French, Castilian, Malagasy, Afrikaans
Leader Emperor Charles Lothar III
Population 472,000,000
Currency Geld 
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General Information

Name - Long Conventional Form: Kingdom of Streleheim
- Short Conventional Form: Streleheim
- Common Form: Dasreik

  • Nationality: Strellic; Streleheimian; Dasrikite
  • National Currency: Mark
  • Languages: Strellic (English dialect) – Official, English, German, Afrikaans, Strello-Gaelic
  • Capital City: Corounne
  • Largest City: Draaksberg City
  • Population: 2,200,000,000 (2.2 Billion)
  • National Animal: Strellic Falcon
  • National Motto: None
  • National Anthem: "Imperium"
  • State Religion: The Strellic Catholic Church


Type: An empire system, in which several territories are held by a single power.

Internal Subdivisions: 3 Principalities (Teutony, Kershalt, Rotesfürstentum); 2 Duchies (Merovingia, Frontalières), 4 High Captaincies (Roqueria, Nouvelle Montagne, Draaksberg, Königreich), 2 Administrative Territories of the East Shona Company (Patakistan, Indostralia)

Head of State & Gov’t: HIM Charles Lothar III, Empereur de Romains, Kaiser vom Vest, Imperatore del Sant'Impero Romano, La Mano de Dios, Prins av Norden, Grand Master of the Order of the Falcon, Emperor of Streleheim

Legislature: The Dasrik Palatinate College of Nobles

Head of Gov’t Elections: Whenever the Emperor abdicates, or dies without naming a successor

Imperial Ministries:

  • The Imperial First Ministry (First Minister Hadrian Claudius)
  • The Imperial Ministry of Security (Castor Draaga)
  • The Imperial Ministry of Information (Theseus Gnaeus)
  • The Imperial Ministry of Trade and Commerce (Vladamir Geretzen)
  • The Imperial Ministry of Welfare (Cassius Delmar)
  • The Imperial Ministry of Environmental Protection (Achillides Nevski)
  • The Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Constantine Falco)
  • The Imperial Ministry of Interprovincial Relations (Jaan Veski)

Government Budget Details:

  • Administration: B$926,578,380,728.00 2%
  • Social Welfare: B$7,875,916,236,188.00 17%
  • Healthcare: B$4,169,602,713,276.00 9%
  • Education: B$8,802,494,616,916.00 19%
  • Religion & Spirituality: B$926,578,380,728.00 2%
  • Defense: B$8,339,205,426,552.00 18%
  • Law & Order: B$6,022,759,474,732.00 13%
  • Commerce: B$4,169,602,713,276.00 9%
  • Public Transport: B$1,853,156,761,456.00 4%
  • The Environment: B$0.00 0%
  • Social Equality: B$3,243,024,332,548.00 7%

National Holidays

Church Holidays:

  • Easter: Last Sunday of April
  • Christmas: Second Sunday of November
  • Good Friday: Friday before Easter
  • Ash Wednesday: Wednesday before Easter
  • St. Castor’s Day: March 21st

Imperial Holidays:

  • Independence Day: March 3rd
  • Streleheim Day: May 17th
  • Empire Day: June 30th
  • King's Birthday: March 16th


Although the Kingdom of Streleheim has yet to field any teams at an international or multinational sporting event, sports are a huge deal domestically and Strellic athletes are widely considered excellent in several major sports.

Rugby, in both union and league format, is an enormous sport in Streleheim. The two sports are managed, respectively, by the Strellic Rugby Union and the Strellic Rugby Football League. The Union is comprised of forty-seven different clubs, representing areas of Streleheim proper, as well as colonies, and Commonwealth states. These same clubs also generally participate in shorter, SRU-affiliated tournaments, such as the Corounne Sevens and the Draaksberg Tens. League, on the other hand, is much smaller both in terms of the amount of followers and the amount of professionals. The Rugby Football League fields thirteen teams who play each other for the Hegemon's Cup, the trophy of a season's first place finisher. In Streleheim, both forms of rugby are played professionally in the spring.

Another extremely popular sport in Streleheim is gridiron, also known as American Football. Because the game is similar to rugby in quite a few ways, many players have come from past experience as a rugby player or also play on a rugby team. The Streleheim Football League is the governing body of the sport in the Kingdom and manages forty-two professional teams, as well as a semi-professional league. This form of football is played, like in the United States, during the autumn months.

There are many popular winter sports in the Kingdom. Professional water-polo is a huge event, as is ice hockey. Boxing has an enormous following throughout Streleheim and the Royal Boxing Association fields over five-hundred fighters. Coming on slightly behind, in terms of popularity, is wrestling, which is enjoyed in both serious and entertainment forms, facilitated by the National Wrestling League and by the Strellic Wrestling Entertainment Company.

The summer is host to an odd variety of sports, most of which are either not considered spectator sports or are not too popular around the world, though have oddly found a niche in the hearts and minds of the Strellic people. The Major League Swimming Board runs several enormous professional swimming tournaments, which people are for some unknown reason fanatical about. Rowing is another insanely loved sporting event in the Kingdom. The Strello-Australian Rules Football Commission is a popular alterntive, with thirty-nine teams to its name. There are twenty-five teams in Streleheim's professional lacrosse league, the Lacrosse Premier League. Because of the rather large Celtic minority, Gaelic football and Hurling are also on their way to becoming major sports.

At the college-university level, sports are normally handled by the Intercollegiate Sporting Association, or ISA. The ISA offers swimming, rowing, lacrosse, gridiron, aussie rules football, gaelic football, wrestling, gymnastics, rugby union, college-level hopskotch, box-lacrosse, hockey, volleyball, basketball, baseball, karaoke, riflery, track, and cross-country as sports. It is also worth mentioning that throughout all of Streleheim, soccer is considered a girls' sport and in college, secondary, and elementary school is only offered to girls if it is even offered at all. Additionally, Strellic citizens frown upon Motocross and other such vehicle-racing sports, as well as diving, believing that they are not real sports because they don't require as much physical exhertion.



  • The Deltan Alliance


  • Currently None

Hostile Nations:

  • Currently None

Embassy Exchange Nations:

  • Lower Corvus
  • The Lycan Confederacy
  • Harlesburg
  • Nedalia

Streleheim Military Equipment

  • 10 NP-21E Turbojets
  • 5,000 Mosin-Nagant 1891/1930 guns
  • 1,000 Tokarev SVT-40s
  • 500 AVS-36 Simonovs
  • 2,000 Chinese Stamped SKS guns
  • 1 Wasp Class Landing Ship
  • 1 Austin Class Landing Ship
  • 16 LAV Vehicles
  • 15 M29 Mortars
  • 12 M198 Towed Howitzers
  • 20 Stinger Missile Systems
  • 100 SMAW (bazooka)
  • 12 M-220 TOW Missile Launcher
  • 10 Javelin (Antitank missile)
  • 10 M2 Machine Gun
  • 15 AAV (amphibious assault vehicle[/url]
  • 4 M1A1 Abrams (tank)
  • 12 CH-46 (Copter)
  • 4 CH-53 (Copter)
  • 4 UH-1 (Copter)
  • 4 AH-1 (Copter)
  • 6 AV8 Harrier (Copter)
  • 2 KC-130 Tanker (These are not capable of being supported by on site ships, they are intended to be flown from a rear area for aerial refueling.)
  • 2 Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units
  • 1 LMT 3000 Water Purification Unit
  • 1 Sea Tractor
  • 4 TRAMs (10,000 lb. Capacity Forklifts)
  • 2 Four Thousand lb. Capacity Forklifts
  • 3 D-7 Bulldozers
  • 30 Five-ton Trucks
  • 1 Dump Truck
  • 4 Logistical Vehicle Systems (LVS)
  • 7 Five-hundred gallon Water Containers
  • 60 Hummers

Economic Statistics

  • Exchange Rate: 33.8475 Gelds = $1
  • Gross Domestic Product: $256,069,390,178.98
  • GDP Per Capita: $542.52
  • Unemployment Rate: 14.53%
  • Consumption: $24,105,276,000.00
  • Government Budget: $240,306,701,707.80
  • Government Expenditures: $235,500,567,673.64
  • Goverment Waste: $4,806,134,034.16
  • Exports: $29,917,907,803.49
  • Imports: $33,454,361,298.15
  • Trade Deficit: $3,536,453,494.66
  • Income Tax Rate: 90%
  • Major Industry: Information Technology

NSeconomy statistics

United Nations Profile

  • UN Category: New York Times Democracy
  • Civil Rights: Very Good
  • Economy: Powerhouse
  • Political Freedoms: Superb

Region: Strellic Commonwealth

The Kingdom of Streleheim is a massive, safe nation, notable for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its compassionate, hard-working, intelligent population of 2.2 billion enjoy a sensible mix of personal and economic freedoms, while the political process is open and the people's right to vote held sacrosanct.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Education, Defence, and Social Welfare. The average income tax rate is 80%. A robust private sector is led by the Information Technology industry, followed by Uranium Mining and Soda Sales.

Lending firms are subject to strict government regulations, the government has become increasingly militant, door-to-door salesmen are frequently beaten up by 'vigilantes', and people are now classified as male, female, or genderqueer. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Streleheim's national animal is the Strellic Falcon, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation, and its currency is the Mark.

Streleheim is ranked 1st in the region and 15,235th in the world for Safest Nations.