Sunrise Union

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Sunrise Union
January 1, 2006
8 nations
Lucidare, Cookborough
Official Currency

A multi-national alliance for nations located in The Sunrise Islands formed on January 1, 2006


Promote cooperation between members and help them grow economically, politically, and socially in the right direction. The SU is there to speak out against abuse of justice, breaches of international law, and slavery.


The Charter consists of a preamble and a series of articles divided into chapters.

Chapter I sets forth the purposes of the Sunrise Union, including the important provisions of the maintenance of international peace and security. Chapter II defines the criteria for membership in the Sunrise Union. Chapters III-XV, the bulk of the document, describe the organs and institutions of the SU and their respective powers. Chapters XVI and XVII describes arrangements for integrating the SU with established international law. Chapters XVIII and XIX provide for amendment and ratification of the Charter. The most important chapters are those dealing with the enforcement powers of SU bodies:

Chapter VI describes the Advisory Committee's power to investigate and mediate disputes; Chapter VII describes the Advisory Committee's power to authorize economic, diplomatic, and military sanctions, as well as the use of military force, to resolve disputes; Chapters IX and X describe the SU's powers for economic and social cooperation, and the Economic and Social Council that oversees these powers; Chapters XII and XIII describe the Dependency Council, which oversees decolonization in the islands; Chapters XIV and XV establish the powers of, respectively, the Sunrise Justice Court and the Sunrise Union Secretariat.