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Text for the below article was taken in part from the Encyclopedia HotRodia, 18th Edition, which was published by the HotRodia Publishing Corporation. These articles contain information that was current at the time of writing. For information on the past events in HotRodia, see the History of HotRodia.
Flag of Supercaria
Motto: Fast is good. Faster is better.
Region ACA
Capital Superba
Official Language(s) Texan
Leader Federal Council
Population 3.5 Billion
Currency rapido 
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As an anarcho-socialist federation, the government of the nation of Supercaria is composed of a large Federal Council that makes all decisions that relate to national affairs. The members of the council are directly elected by the members of their respective states. Each individual state has a State Council that governs the affairs of that state. Most cities and towns also have a council, and they are generally called Urban Councils. Most of those who sit on the various councils are religious leaders, and many of them are Combustian priestesses. The Federal Council and its employees have the task of wealth distribution and the management of social programs that provide healthcare, education, and financial services to Supercarians.


The Superb Supercharged States were founded when a group of religious zealots from HotRodia, adherents of a religion called Combustianism, chose to leave what they saw as the immoral secular HotRodian society and start a new nation founded on their religious principles. Those religious principles, which were derived from a particular trend in the interpretation of The Manual, called for a classless socialist democratic nation.


The culture of the Supercarian people is incredibly uniform, and those who do not fit into the normal cultural parameters are often ostracized and forced to leave the nation by their neighbors. All Supercarians are very religious, and many are members of the Secular Order of Supercarious, a group composed of people who are very devout and wish to be involved in the Order without becoming a Combustian Priestess. These Combustian priestesses are strongly revered by Supercarians and wield a great deal of social authority. Anyone disobeying the directives of a priestess will suffer serious social consequences, including being barred from community events. The communities in Supercaria are almost communes in many respects due to the sharing of resources in most aspects of community life, but individuals are allowed to own personal property and defend that property.


Most of the forested area that once existed in Supercaria is now gone and has been replaced with parking lots, farmland, and businesses, and the once-burgeoning accelerus rapidamus is now nearing extinction as a result. Because of Supercaria's strong industrial base, the air quality in Supercaria is gradually being eroded by industrial pollution, but most factories are already beginning to take measures to prevent further environmental contamination by industrial pollutants.


The economy of Supercaria is not planned as in some other socialist states, rather the market is regulated by the Supercarians themselves. They follow the dictates of their religious leadership and seek to foster economic equality and prosperity through their individual financial decisions. No Supercarian would operate a business purely for profit; the economic situation of the community and its members are always concerns for Supercarian industry. The major industries in Supercaria are automobile manufacturing, arms manufacturing, and beef-based agriculture. The economy is very strong on the whole and seems to do fairly well in comparison to other nations residing in its home region.