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Flag of Surda
Motto: Gath un Reisa du Rakr! (Unite and Raise the Mists!)
Region The Allied Socialist Union
Capital Aberon, formerly Weathersby
Official Language(s) Surdan, however English, German, Italian, and Spanish are the majority.
Leader Revolutionary Stephen O'Rourke
Population ~2.5 billion
Currency Kraun (Crown) 
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Founded in November 2003, The Dailiet Nosuczi Breoal of Surda (Surdan for Holy Socialist Brotherhood) is a democratic socialist state in The Allied Socialist Union. Surda's record of international activity has been iffy due to civil wars or crisises that have thrown the nation into militaristic turmoil. Within The Allied Socialist Union, Surda's elections and coups have seen her turn from an Inoffensive Centrist Democracy to a long run of Oppressive or Psychotic Dictatorships. Surda is now levelling out and power has been peacefully shifting between the Social Democrat Party and the Centrist Democrat Party. Currently in power is the Social Democrat Party. Surda has been an active recruiting force for The Allied Socialist Union, bringing in Trisfal, and Ilyushin.

Surda's capital city is the historic Aberon, formerly known by its colonial name of Weathersby. A once beautiful city, the majority of its buildings are stilled heaps of rubble from crossfire during the New Year's Coup. The New Year's Coup is an outstanding moment of Surdan history, when an organized group of the Surdan prolitariat brought down the dictatorial rule of Kaiser George Oligard on January 1, 2004.

Surda is known throughout the region for it's remarkable environment, nigh pristine dispite the civil combat. The government also boasts a large public sector. The economy is still weak but leaps and strides have been made with civil rights and political rights are fluctuating greatly depending on the party that holds Commander-In-Chiefship.

The Government has recently started a campaign to get the citizenship in tune with their country's heritage, mostly that of the native Surdans. Cities and natural formations across the nation have been renamed and the language of the native Surdans, now called Surdan is the official language.