Surly the Repealinator

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Surly the Repealinator
Flag of Surly the Repealinator
Motto: "Hasta la vista, baby!"
Map: See "flag" above; what ya see is what ya get
Region Antarctic Oasis
Capital Neural-net processor
carefully lodged in its head
Official Language(s) thickly Austrian-accented
English; binary code
Leader Classified
Population just Surly
Currency third nut 
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The Anti-UN Conspiracy of Surly the Repealinator is a futuristic, highly sophisticated resolution-killing machine, specially programmed to track, identify, target and eliminate useless UN mandates with extreme yet cruelly efficient force. A well-known, if somewhat enigmatic presence at UN Headquarters, Surly rarely speaks, although it never really needs to. It often lurks in dark, hidden corridors, carrying out secret missions for nations with fiendish designs on the United Nations and its precious proposals. It must take particular care when tracking resolutions from a certain region, for fear of setting off gales of hysterical shrieking, paranoia and self-loathing. Surly was once thought to have been in the employ of the Greunberger delegation, but intelligence indicates it has since then sold contracts to Yelda and Karmicaria to take out resolutions like Sexual Freedom and Banning Whaling. Most reliable UN sources now believe the Repealinator is working for the Kennyite UN mission as a special agent. It is also thought to have joined the United Nations recently as an officially registered nation, in order to increase its capabilities at striking out pointless garbage masquerading as "international law."

Omigodtheykilledkenny and the United Nations
Administration and Policies: Department of State | Mission to the United Nations | Voting Record | Creative Solutions Agency | Kennypoll
Mission Staff: Susa Batko-Yovino | Jenny Chiang | Sammy Faisano | Alex Tehrani | Jessie McArthur | George Brown | Jack Riley | Surly the Repealinator
Sponsored Legislation: Repeal "Protection of Dolphins Act" | Repeal "Fossil Fuel Reduction Act" | Repeal "Gay Rights" | Abortion Legality Convention | Unconventional Arms Accord | Prohibition of UN Military | Repeal "Mutual Recognition of Borders" | Accessible Family Planning | Repeal "SPCC Regulation Act" | Repeal "Max Barry Day"