Sweyn II

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King Sweyn II, the Honest
1653 - 1674
Followed his nephew, Thorfinn the Lame; earned a reputation as a fair and just ruler.

Prince Sweyn was 22 when his father, Hardecanute, died in 1648. The young prince had been overshadowed in battle and valour by his cousin, Baron Haroldson, and in politics by his older brother, Thorfinn. As Thorfinn, Haroldson and later Thorfinn's son - Thorfinn the Lame - battled over the throne, Sweyn remained largely out of the picture. When his brother died in 1649, Sweyn was leading a company of men in battle in the east under the command of the Baron of Saulkrasti. Sweyn did not return to Citadel Excalbia until 1652.

Having proven himself in battle, many expected Sweyn to challenge Thorfinn for the throne. Instead, Sweyn gave his nephew his oath of loyalty. This act of humility added to Sweyn's growing reputation for integrity.

When his nephew died the following year, Sweyn took the throne as King Sweyn II.

Sweyn's rule was long by Excalbian standards and remarkably peaceful. He made a peace with the Lowlanders in the south that lasted for years after his death and a peace with the Lowlanders in the east, as represented by the newly proclaimed Grand Duchy of Saxmere, that lasted for nearly 20 years.

During his rule, Sweyn was considered a wise and just ruler, earning him the nickname Sweyn the Honest.

In 1673, the eastern Lowlanders attacked Sweyn's tax collectors and the King went into battle for the first time in many years. At the height of yearlong campaign, which developed into a war with Saxmere, the King fell in battle, putting his 16-year old daughter, Hildegaard, on the throne.