Syku Lyku-Agbayani

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Syku Lyku-Agbayani
Position:Attacking Midfielder/Striker
U21 Caps:11
U21 Goals:4
Clubs Played For:Kiiarana City, Arcticala Inlet
Vilitan Stellar Division: Player of the Year (first foreigner), Foreign Player of the Year, Top Goalscorer (19 goals), Forward of the Year and Foreign Forward of the Year - Season 13, AOCAF10 Winner

From Half-Starblaydi, Half-Rejistanian parentage, Syku Lyku-Agbayani rocketed from complete obscurity to international spotlight in the space of just two years.

Originally nicknamed by oh-so-witty Starblaydi fans as 'Slani' (Syku Lyku-Agbayani), young Syku couldn't even find a Football team to play for, until Simeone Di Bradini took him to Vilita, to Kiiarana City FC - along with Gbenga Ogunniya - when he took up the Player/Coach position at the Declasse team. It wasn't long before the big boys' scouts cast their eye over the pair of young players and Syku was almost immediately transferred to Arcticala Inlet (known to many Starblaydis as 'Electrical Outlet'), a team looking to challenge for the Stellar Division's title.

Syku Lyku-Agbayani picked up a host of awards at the end of Season 13 of the Stellar division, including Player of the Year, Foreign Player of the Year, Top League Goalscorer (19 goals), Forward of the Year and Foreign Forward of the Year. Notably he was the first non-Vilitan to ever pick up the much-coveted Player of the Year award, edging out team-mate Jacques Vintila.

Syku Lyku-Agbayani scored 21 goals in 27 League and Cup matches for Arcticala Inlet in Season 12, becoming the first foreign player to ever win top goalscorer and player of the year awards in the Stellar Division, as well as leading his team to the Vilitan Cup title.

It didn't end there for young Syku, as his career had already taken off with Starblaydia on the International Stage. Four goals in three Under-21 World Cups (9 through 11), as well as top-scoring for Starblaydia in the 6th AOCAF with six goals in seven matches. He also went to World Cups 21 and 22 as the starting #8, scoring ten goals over the two campaigns. Syku Lyku-Agbayani was anything but 'Slani'.