Synod of Constantinople

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The Synod of Constantinople, or formally, the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, is presided over by His All Holiness Patriarch Stephanus III, and is comprised of the following metropolitans and archbishops:

  • His Eminence Petros, Metropolitan of Markosea
  • His Eminence Georgios, Metropolitan of Matheus
  • His Eminence Filipos, Metropolitan of Matheus
  • His Grace Michael, Bishop of New Thessalonica
  • His Grace Paulus, Bishop of Subeita
  • His Eminence Konstantinos, Archbishop of Ghelmanos
  • His Eminence Ioannes, Archbishop of Verditania
  • His Grace Markos, Bishop of Demeseus
  • His Grace Stephanus, Bishop of Romanopolis
  • His Grace Petros, Bishop of Sebastia
  • His Grace Konstantinos, Bishop of Perosamoce

The Synod includes many committees which cover various subject areas. It elects the Ecumenical Patriarch, and its decisions are binding on the Orthodox Church of Constantinople. The Synod's new composition was announced by Patriarch Stephanus III shortly after his enthronement; the Synod which elected Stephanus III was composed of every archbishop and bishop in the Orthodox Church of Constantinople, as well as the three metropolitans in the Archdiocese of Drakopolis, Stephanus III's own see.