Syskeyian Mobile Tactical Vehicle Light

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The Syskeyian SMTVL (Syskeyian Mobile Tactical Vehicle Light) "Alveolus" is the principal APC/IFV/"battle taxi" of the Syskeyian Army.

The MTVL belongs to the United Defense M113 family of vehicles, which serve as the "workhorses" of Syskeyia's ground forces. The "UberGavin" in particular is a modified MTVL, itself a modification of the venerable APC. Unlike most M113s in service, the SMTVL's principal hull is made of ceramic composites instead of aluminum. (This has been done with the RL M113with success) The SMTVL also has add-on mine protection armor and bolt-on applique armor that can withstand 30mm rounds, and is effective in stopping RPG, greatly increasing the vehicle's survivability.

The principal armament of the Syskeyian MTVL is a 30mm ASP-30 cannon, mounted on a one-man turret. Also on the turret are two Starstreak missiles that can be used for anti-armor or anti-air operation.

Usually mounted on the MTVL are two gunshielded M240G machine guns on rails near the infantry hatch.

The MTVL has a crew of two (driver and commander), and usually houses a squad of 9, with a medic attached to the squad and two spare machine gunners to fire the M240s.


A shorter version, the MTVLS "Alveolinus," serves as the main APC in the Syskeyian airborne units. It differs from the main MTVL only in its length (it is only as long as the traditional M113) and the lack of M240 machine guns on the sides (though they can be mounted.) The "Slim Jim," which can be airdropped by C-130, has a crew of two and can hold a squad of 9-10 troops, though it lacks the Syskeyian MTVL's spare machine gunners.