Ta I

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Ta I

A football player who competed in the World Cup as part of the team from the People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia.

Status: retired
First appearance: World Cup 25
Last appearance: World Cup 29
Caps: 107
Goals: 19

Ta I, an Indigenous Ariddian woman, was known as a versatile midfielder, able to supplement the team's attack as well as its defence. She has sometimes been compared to Ranjit Khan.

Ta I is, at present, the most heavily capped Ariddian player in modern times. One of her most notable achievements came in World Cup 29, when she scored in a qualifying match against Jeruselem after just thirteen seconds (an Ariddian record). Another came in the first round of the Cup proper, when she scored three of Ariddia's six goals in a match against Chicanada, including one with the back of her foot.

Domestically, Ta I plays for Tapia Reis in Andossa Se Mitrin Vega. She also played with the Ariddian women's football team in the Women's World Cup.