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The Republic of Tadjikistan

While it never played any role of importance in the world or fought any great wars, the republic has always been around, usually aiding those who are in need and fighting for those who are to weak to do it themselves. The republic is best known for its achievements in the World Cup scene which it has been part of for many years.


Somewhere around 100, the small Tadjik communities formed an Empire that would dominate its region for several decades, especially such Emperors as Ostohir and Changez Khan were constantly expanding their borders in different directions Eventually many of the occupied peoples broke away or were granted independence The Tadjik Empire became a democratic republic, intent on joining the worlds top economies. This was interupted by a Civil war in Octobre 2003 in which the Eastern (mostly Muslim) region was granted semi-autonomy and the Northern communist rebels destroyed. Nowadays the Republic of Tadjikistan is a centrist nation led by a democraticly elcted president.


The Tadjik first league was small and insignificant, it played no role in international football(soccer) until one man, Karim Isserson stepped up and asked the Tadjik National Football Federation to create an national team and participate in the World Cup. While they had to start at the bottom with an inexperienced team, there was some initial succes that encouraged investors to push millions into the Tadjik football scene. Soon the Tadjik national team rose up the KPB ranking list and became part of the international subtop. The Tadjiks rarely miss a World Cup now and are known to be 'giantkillers' whom often have more trouble with an unranked side.

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